Sacked from Leeds City Council for his private political views.

More evidence of the soft totalitarian methods of the UK. A person should not be fired for their personal beliefs unless it can be shown that it has effected their performance at work in a negative or illegal way. I begin to see why some Canadians have noticed an influx of British immigrants recently. We may not call them refugees just yet. But…

Chris Knowles has been a good friend of mine for several years, and has known Ned (the Baron at Gates of Vienna) even longer. Up until today, Chris had been an employee of the Leeds City Council for about seventeen years. Last autumn, during the hysteria after the Breivik massacre, The Sunday Times started investigating Chris and other Brits associated with ICLA. After the ST published an article “outing” him, Chris was suspended from his job. Finally, today he was sacked. Chris has never said or done anything that would remotely warrant his being fired.

Here’s his statement posted at ICLA: 

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  1. This sort of thing has been happening for quite a few years now.

    A bus driver in Bradford was sacked because he had put himself up as a candidate for the BNP in an election. The resulting tribunal upheld the decision on the basis of ‘health & safety’, the rationale being that Muslims in Bradford now knew him and his politics and therefore they might attack his bus whilst transporting schoolchildren and this would put the children in danger!

    I was told in no uncertain terms that if I was found to be formally associated with any “right-wing” movement my job with a local authority would be terminated. This was as a result of someone reporting that they thought I was a member of the EDL.

    We live in a ‘democracy’ and therefore have freedom of thought, freedom of speech and freedom of association………as long as it conforms to the standards of the left-wing!

    The ‘White Rose’ video highlighted on this site explains it all and I suspect that more people will form similar organisations in due course because this state terrorism cannot be allowed to continue.

  2. the lable of “right wing” is completely subjective and meaningless. Especially when applied to an organization that has never made statements or had policies that other recognized “right wing” organizations have.

    The only thing indicating the EDL as “right wing” has been the accusations of the organizations it opposes. It’s policies and stances have always been quite middle of the road. It’s not even anti immigration. It stands for the equality of women and homosexuals and all other britons, whatever their background or superficial particulars.

    You can’t get much more libral than that.

    They just aren’t sissies. There’s no law saying only wimps are allowed to champion libral ideals.

    In fact, if it’s possible, the EDL should sue the pants off anyone who lables them “right wing”.

  3. As for the comment about more British immigrants in Canada, I ran into a new one recently. I asked him if the muslim invasion was as bad as I was hearing and he said “It’s much worse than they’re letting you know. The crime rates are through the roof. I couldn’t wait to get out of that hellhole. If you’re smart , you will do everything you can to stop it from happening here.”

  4. I agree with Truthiocity take them for all you can

    I am NOT a sue happy person but it is the only legal means we have left

  5. Everything you say or do these days will get you the sack!
    People once a upon a time used to be able to speak their minds without incrimination but with the bleedin hearts out there they will push the issue until you have lost your job and put you on the dole que, being labelled “racist” is something you could do without as no employer will even look at you these days!.
    The term “racist” needs to be defined or abolished as the bleedin hearts will use that term in anything look at islam how can we be racist against a religion? yes you can be racist against the lebanese, Brits, Aussies, or even klingons but islam!

  6. Interesting precedent, this.

    Come the day, as it surely will, when the tables are turned and all Muslims are summarily dismissed from Public Service employment for holding political views incompatible with human rights and freedoms then they will simply have reaped what they have sown.

    Seneca III

  7. I am NOT a sue happy person but it is the only legal means we have left.

    There is always self defence. If a large number of people decided that enough was enough, the authorities will bend.

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