The Last Spasms of the Common Euro Diplomacy

From Gates of Vienna:

The mainstream media, especially in Germany, are now openly discussing the end of the euro, and the futility of the current attempts by the EU leadership to save the Eurozone “at all costs”.

Many thanks to Hermes for translating this article from last Saturday’s Die Welt:

The euro blows up in Europe’s debt crisis

The declarations of Merkel and Hollande were the last spasms of the common Euro-diplomacy. Political Europe has exceeded the limits of its capacity. Very powerful centrifugal forces are active.

During the last week it became clear that political Europe has exceeded the limits of its capacity. The common declaration of the French president Hollande and Chancellor Merkel about “doing everything possible in order to protect the Eurozone” was nothing more than a desperate rearguard action.

Because already in the third paragraph of the declaration it became clear how far apart the individual euro states, Germany and France included, are from each other in their perception of the crisis. It states that each of them has to “fulfill their obligations in their areas of competence”. One could understand this as a capitulation. Everyone has to see how to manage alone.

Increasing centrifugal forces

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  1. The EU won’t last much longer then the euro, this shows the true stupidity of the multicultural idea, if Europe with their cultures closely related can’t make a success of the EU and the euro then how are the individual nations suppose to survive the salad bowl of cultural enclaves in their nations? What we are seeing is the last gasps of the Marxist inspired left, don’t worry the statist will find another group to join and harass liberty from.

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