A group of Muslims beat up a young Spaniard in a park in Tarrasa for walking his dog

Translation by Hermes:

From Digital Minute:

A group of Muslims beat up a young Spaniard in a park in Tarrasa for walking his dog and injured two policemen who tried to help him.

Sunday, July the 29 – As every morning, the 27 years old man was peacefully walking his dogs in Font Breda Square, in the San Lorenzo neighborhood. As on other occasions, he was being accompanied by his 50 year old mother. The night before, his cousin had been walking her pet in the same square, when a group of Muslim women reproached her for walking near them with an “impure animal”. They began to quarrel and the Muslim women attacked her, after which she had to be treated in a hospital. After the incident, she filed a complaint against them.

It looks like following this incident some Muslims were waiting in ambush for the family. So last Sunday, when the young man and his mother appeared in the square, some 50 Muslims were already waiting for them. With no previous word, they beat him up and almost killed the dog.

Then the first police car with two officers appeared there, but due to the high number of Muslims, they had to call for reinforcement. 6 more police cars appeared. But far from being daunted, the Muslims challenged the police, and they even attacked them.

The outcome of this brawl resulted in two officers injured and four (Muslims) detained. The attacked family turned to Alerta Digital to express their fear of reprisals from the Muslims. Even during the brawl, the Muslims threatened them with cutting their necks, all this in the presence of the officers, who were just looking numbly.

People of the neighborhood have showed their outrage to these extremely serious happenings and their support for the family. That’s why they have called on all neighbors in Tarrasa owning dogs to join a demonstration in the park (where these incidents happened), together with their pets.

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  1. Ladies, you have met the Enemy. The Enemy is Islam. An enemy of women, children men outside of Islam. In fact, The Enemy of a Free and Civilized World. Your mission:(if you choose to accept it) is to do all you can to raise the Public consciousness to the true nature of Islam. People need to see past the veil of dhimmitude acquiescence perpetrated by the White House as well as the Main Stream Media.
    The very fact that Muslims are taught that they are Lord and Masters of the rest and nonMuslims are beneath them allows them to lose any and all empathy towards others. This leaves them available to commit any manner of sociopathic actions.
    This is why there is now a drive being put forth to allow the UN to control the internet. Muslims have the largest share of the General assembly. Should this happen, blogs like this one and ANY criticism of Islam will be illegal. Tell one, tell ALL!

  2. Has it become clear at all that islam is spreading like a terrible cancer, and we need to stop it now?! What is it that ppl dont see? We in the superior West really have NOTHING to gain from letting this scum of the earth into our society. They tell us outright that their goal is to spread and overthrow our society and enforce their own retarded shariah laws. WHY should we tolerate this?! It’s insane!! Throw them all out!

  3. What I find so tragic is I have known many Muslims who are good people, who love animals, who do not do this. What is tragic is that these people are actually responsible for creating the biases that Muslims face by reinforcing stereotypes through cruel acts. So what if you consider the animal impure, move away, walk on a different beach. You want equality, yet you are not willing to give it? You do not own the sidewalk, you do not own another human being, you can not dictate what they should and should not do. This is beyond tragic. I feel horrible for this poor man and his dog. I also feel bad for all good and decent Muslims who will suffer the consequences due to the ignorance and fundamentalism of a few.

  4. Amanda, although I, too, have sympathy for all the “good and decent Muslims who will suffer the consequences”, yet in part, it’s their own fault: certainly they face tremendous obstacles (including “honor” killings and execution for apostasy), but they didn’t (and still don’t) have the courage to stand up to such fundamentalists and tell them, “No!”

    Until they do whatever is necessary to obtain their basic human rights, until they claim the rights to their own existences, until they tell the fundamentalists to “blow it out your ears”, they’ll need to suffer the consequences of their cowardice.

    The basis of fundamentalist Islam is fear. The “good and decent Muslims” must overcome that fear. Courage is the ability to face one’s fears. I’m sorry to conclude that the “good and decent Muslims” aren’t good enough: they lack the necessary bravery to face and overcome their fears; in a word, they’re cowards.

  5. I wish you could see my surprised face: Didn’t President Obama say we are no longer a Christian nation? It seems violent Muslim groups are in operation throughout the whole world. Some Muslims have stated they will take every opportunity to kill anyone in the United States. Because of instances like this I am more adamant that there needs to be some kind of law enforcement and I don’t mean Sharia Law. How despicable! I wish the dog would have bitten each & every one of them. Those Muslims are the “unclean animals” & they should go back to where they came from. Please follow up on the family and the dog. My thoughts are with the victims. To hell with those “filthy animals”.

  6. You are all idiots, there are good and bad people in all religions and nationality Look at all the school shootings murders and rapes that happen every day most if not all are Christians I done see anyone blaming the religion for those .

  7. Barbara:

    1. Provide evidence that these people are observant Christians

    2. Provide scriptural support that Christianity condones or encourages school shootings etc.

    I can in spades for muslim atrocities that are blogged here.

  8. Islam teaches these savages that they are superior and everybody and everything else is an infidel or filth. It teaches them that they must kill all infidels (all non-Muslims). Now, I ask you, in the name of God (that’s our God and not theirs, because just to mention theirs is to incur the wrath of the savages) how can that be a humane way to behave. All Muslims should go back to Muslimistan and then they can do as they like. Just get out of Europe and North America.

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