DEBKA: Iran to launch war within weeks

***UPDATE: The only article we can find that relates to this video is also from DEBKA. There is nothing in the Persian online media or official IRI release in Farsi that supports anything like this. I will remove the video below now. ***


I find Debka to be often not quite accurate in their reports but this is interesting. I am asking Persian friends of this site to look for Farsi videos and reports on this on the official IRI sites to confirm this presentation. I have read rational SITREPS that suggest Iran is upping its preparations for an attack, possibly on Saudi Arabia. If this is unfounded however, and it may well be, I will take this post down.

Thanks for the link JJ

Here is a link to a machine translation of an official IRI site talking about Syria and how there will be no regime change there.


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  1. Weasel Zippers linked this:

    “”A change of regime in Syria is but a delusion,” said Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi in a meeting on Sunday with Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al Moallem. Salehi said Iran will fully support the Syrian regime, according to the Keyhan newspaper, which is directly under the supervision of the Iranian supreme leader.

    Salehi claimed the Syrian civil war and the push for regime change are being spearheaded by Israel. “It’s surprising that the regional regimes [referring to Saudi Arabia and Qatar] have taken the same position as the Zionist regime,” Salehi said.”

  2. one more prediction by debka…they don’t come true, would be the first debka-war. at least they got it right with saudi arabia.

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