“Salafism, the greatest threat to Belgium”

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Ayfer Erkul ? 27/07/12, 06u49  ? Bron: De Morgen
© belga. Administrateur-generaal Staatsveiligheid Alain Winants waarschuwt voor extreme islam.

“Salafism is the greatest threat to Belgium”

Salafism, the radical movement within Islam, poses the greatest threat to the Belgian democracy. That says Alain Winants, Administrator-General of the State Security. Winants also requires additional staff, so that his department can fully function.

Salafists are Muslims who believe the only true Islam was in the first three generations after the Prophet Muhammad. They try to live as if in that era and are hostile to modern values.

According to the State Security, it is a trend that wins more and more followers.

“They have created a parallel society and reject modern society. In parallel society that they have their own values, their own banks, their justice, their own medicine and their own education.”

Jumps jihadist Salafism is the most striking, then, according to Winants, political Salafism is an even greater threat, because it works as an insidious poison. In the long term trends can lead to a polarization within our society because of extreme right hand side already have looming organizations that fight against the Islamization of cities. “And that trend is much more disrupting for our country, because then extremist Muslims against the extreme right and extreme left is likely that there are still stirring.”

The banning of organizations just as Sharia4Belgium without attention to a broader economic or social plan makes no sense, says Winants. “But that is outside the competence of our service. Radicalism in itself is not prohibited if no call for violence comes with it. But I also think that in a democratic society we must dare to say that certain conduct is not tolerable. Many too often has been found that not against it or not immediately acted out of fear of being called racist. ”

The fight against the Salafism is complicated by the legal rule that no exceptional state security methods such as searches and wiretaps may be used in the context of extremism. In addition, says Alain Winants, the State Security needs at least another 95 to 100 persons needed for outside services in order to function optimally. Now the service in terms of personnel for outside services is at an extreme lower limit.

“This is a disturbing trend. I have informed the authorities that there is a minimum including intelligence and security can not go as one expects that all his tasks.”

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4 Replies to ““Salafism, the greatest threat to Belgium””

  1. In my book “this issue” is rather a no-brainer. These movements are anti-democratic and anti-liberal. (I am using the terms democratic and liberal in the more traditional sense of meaning.) It logically follows that accommodating them will only cause more trouble for everyone…

  2. If the salafists hate western values i wonder how many wear western style clothes, drive a western style car etc etc

  3. Its not Salafists, Radicals, Jihadis, Sunnis, Shiites, Wahabbis, Talebans, Deobandis etc, who are a threat.

    Its the Muslim population as a whole who have been allowed in.

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