Two stories on the Balkans

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Balkans: UN’s Ban Ki-moon in six-day tour of region

Ljubljana, 20 July (AKI) – United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Friday arrived in Slovenia at the start of a six-day tour of the region ravaged by the bloody breakup of Yugoslavia in the 1990s.

Ban held talks with Slovenian president Danilo Turk and prime minister Janez Jansa in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana and was due to address the parliament before heading for Croatia.

Ban will also hold talks with officials in Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Bosnia, where he will visit the eastern town of Srebrenica, scene of the worst massacre in Europe since World War II.

In Srebrenica, Ban will pay tribute to some 8,000 Muslims killed there by Bosnian Serb forces in July 1995 at the end of the 1992-1995 war.

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From July 1 2009

Jihad in Bosnia. muslim terrorists in europe.

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  1. Help me out a bit i am a bit tipsy tonight. lol <— Anti-islamic thing

    This Korean guy is a lib but he isn't stupid and he isn't the typical Islamic UN Islamic pom pom girl

  2. These UN stooges are totally compromised and their mission is untenable.

    Ban Ki Moonbat is working for the OIC, which is not what the UN was intended for. The present U.S. government is complicit, with a muslim POTUS in the white house and a foreign secretary that is in a lesbian relationship with a Muslim Brotherhood operative.

    Its all coming to a head; I’m no great believer in the end times, but this is way out over our heads.

  3. Serbian crusaders? What massacres? You mean Srebrenica when after the muslim massacres of 1992 the local Serbs rounded up those who did killed their families and executed them?

  4. Whenever I hear the pedophile worshipers screech the word ‘Crusader’ , I am reminded of their willful ignorance. The Crusades were a RESPONSE to Mohammedan invasions, provocations, and excesses; not an offensive attack upon the pedophile worshipers as they seem to believe.
    As a Westerner I can truthfully state that the Crusades were in fact a positive event when one considers history as a whole.
    Oh that the West would embark on a final Crusade to wipe the fiendish worship of Satan popularly known as Islam.

  5. Will Ban Ki-Moon honor the muslim fast for ramadan too? Inquiring minds want to know just how tolerant and submissive these dhimmi ‘diplomats’ really are.

  6. Whenever I hear sado-masochist crucifiction worshippers justify mass terrorism against other religions, I am reminded that each time they tried to wipe out other religions ( Islam in Crusades, Judaism in Holocaust ) they got their ass handed to them.

    The only thing you will be exterminating are cockroaches in your jail cell right next to Breivik.

  7. Typical reply from a pedophile worshiper, LOL. Whereas you do worship a pedophile, TRUTH.
    No one worships a Crucifix, it is a symbol of God’s sacrifice.
    Christians didn’t perpetrate the Holocaust, anti-Christian Nazi’s did.
    Already explained the Crusades of which the pedophile worshiper yet again shows his willful ignorance.
    Mohammedans spewing lies is nothing new, Allah (Satan) is the father of lies as Jesus explained, therefore it’s not surprising that his followers would spit them out also.

  8. Dude:

    Your threats, chest pounding and sanctimony would be so much more effective if you knew the first thing about any of the things to which you refer.

  9. @cjk : Your fixation on pedophilia is unhealthy, perhaps your childhood experiences with your priest are bringing up traumatic memories?

    @Eeyore: I am not here to promote or defend any religion, I am merely pointing out that Christianity has a historical relationship with mass rape and pedophilia. For example, is it not true that Moses told his followers to rape babies in war according to your Old Testament?

  10. First of all, it isn’t “my old testament”. It is the old testament. It has no more meaning to me than any other book in terms of a personal connection to it. As for Christianity’s connection to historical horror, I already spoke to that. You have however, made a litany of historical references that are popular misconceptions.

    I have already spoken to several of them. As for your OT reference, why not give chapter and verse so someone familiar with it can comment on it. If you like, I am happy to post Koranic references as to Muslim intolerance of other faiths.

    Looking forward to that Moses quote though. Not that it would matter even if it was true. Because there is no geopolitical entity in the world that uses Judaism or Mosaic law as the basis for its own law. However there are over 50 countries that use the Koran as the basis for their laws. So I would be a lot more concerned about 50 countries that actually use the horror and hatred of Islam as the basis for ethics and national action and policies than on some alleged obscure quote by Moses, if it exists, which is not used by any nation on earth today. Which would make it about as influential as what some Zoroastrian priest might have said 4500 years ago.

  11. “…kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him. But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.” (Numbers 31:17-18)

    Christianity is not a religion of love.

  12. Funny thing about the “8000” muslims killed…….

    Here’s a quote taken from the bottom of this write-up on the Prophet of Doom site…

    “Mass murdering Bosnian Muslims and Roman Catholic Croats like Visnjic are routinely acquitted by the International Court in the Hague. These Ustashi killers are released to a hero’s welcome while Serbs are rounded up and treated like cattle, with many being convicted of killing people who are not actually dead. For example, consider the subject of Gere’s fascination – Karadzic. This Serb is being accused of “ordering the massacre of 8,000 Muslim males.” Of these, 5,000 were simply reported missing by their families when they fled to fight elsewhere. Of those, 3,000 have since voted in local elections. The remaining 3,000 have since been found in and around Srebrenica. Some of these have since died, but they lost their lives during the intervening three years of fighting when Srebrenica Muslims raided Serb villages killing thousands of Christians. And that means that Serbs are accused of killing people who are not actually dead while Coat Ustashi and Bosnian Muslims are acquitted of genocide. But that’s understandable since murdering Christians has become an internationally sanctioned activity. Not only has the slaughter of 800,000 Christian Serbs been forgotten, so has the murder of 1,300,000 Armenian Christians by the Muslim Turks and 2,700,000 African Christians and Animists by the Sudanese Muslims.”

    And here’s the link….

    Funny thing about the muslims……

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  13. And while you’re at it……here’s a small bit on the much loved (by Clinton) KLA….KOSOVO LIBERATION ARMY…….nothing more than a band of murdering thugs….again….taken from the Prophet of Doom website……

    “The Kosovo Liberation Army is an Albanian-based Islamic mujahideen force which is listed by the State Department as a terrorist organization. They are funded by European Islamic charities, the Shi’ite theocracy in Iran, al-Qaeda, and the sale of heroin. According to the Geopolitical Observatory of Drugs in Paris, “The KLA has built a vast heroin network that reaches from the opium fields of Pakistan to the black-market arms dealers in Switzerland. They transport $2 billion worth of illegal drugs annually into the heart of Europe.”.

    Their primary weapon has been IEDs and their favorite targets have been civilians and police. They also favor ambushes and small-arm’s firefights. But they are well equipped, using an assortment of anti-tank rocket launchers, mortars, anti-aircraft guns, assault rifles, and RPGs. Most of their weapons are sourced through Iran and the People’s Republic of China.

    Unlike normal jihadists, the KLA wear an insignia identifying themselves on their clothing. They are numerous, trained, and disciplined. In addition to Muslim Albanians, the KLA is composed of 1,000 foreign jihadists from Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Afghanistan in addition to Bosnia and Herzegovina Muslims and Croat Muslims. Their technical advisors are often British and German military or intelligence officers. They work closely with the fundamentalist Islamic regime of Alija Izetbegovic in Bosnia.

    The goal of the Kosovo Liberation Army is to unite the Muslim populations of Kosovo, Macedonia, and Albania into a greater Islamic state. Their ruthless assault on Christian civilians and police is what prompted Milosevic to brutally crack down on the Muslim population in 1998. As fighting escalated between the Milosevic government and the KLA terrorists, several hundred thousand people were displaced and several hundred were killed. Eventually the economy collapsed.
    As is the case with all Islamic jihadists, bullets and bombs manufactured more than they killed. The harder Milosevic went after the KLA the faster their numbers grew – eventually reaching more than 20,000 armed Marxist Muslim militia members.
    NATO, which at Bill Clinton’s urging during the Monica Lewinski affair, entered the conflict on the side of the Muslims, and thus KLA, estimated that during the first sixty days of Operation Allied Force air strikes the number of armed KLA members doubled. The bloodshed that devastated the Balkan nation was provoked by Islam with an assist from an embattled American president.”

    And just for good measure, watch this documentary about the organ harvesting that the KLA muslims have been up to………busy little murdering muslims bees…….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  14. Once again the pedophile worshiper liars and this time tries to obfuscate the truth.
    Wether or not the profit Moe is a pedophile is not a matter of opinion, it is fact. Just because I speak the truth doesn’t mean I’m fixated on the fact, but rather it means I’m fixated on the TRUTH.
    Numbers being an Old Testament Book doesn’t technically apply to the adherents of the New Testament as far as a commandment to a specific time and place, whereas Allah’s (Satan’s) commands to kill and enslave are open ended and for all time.
    DUDE, you worship a friggin PEDOPHILE! LOL!

  15. @Don Laird : I guess you also believe that 6 million Jews didn’t die? This is too predictable.

    @cjk : There are more pedophiles in Churches than there are in Mosques, sorry.

  16. Dude….

    Did you drop by to show us how much you don’t know?…..

    is the river of intellectuality and insight that relates to the subject matter of this website running a little shallow through your backyard? …..

    I would respond with something along the lines of asking you to stay on topic and bring to a forum of debate a little coherence but there is little point in that….with respect to your understanding my request I would be better off engaging retarded field mice in a spirited discussion that revolved around rocket telemetry……besides there is no sport in my having a battle of wits with an unarmed man such as yourself Dude….the victory would be both hollow and rather embarrassing for both of us….

    So, now that we’ve cleared the air why don’t you run along you little troll I sure there’s a Simpson’s rerun on that would be more to your liking……and style….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

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