Gaza Christians protest ‘forcible conversions’


Protesters bang on church bell, chant ‘With our spirit, with our blood we will sacrifice ourselves for you, Jesus.’

A Palestinian Christian Huda Al-Amash, right, and her her daughters cry during a rally.

A Palestinian Christian Huda Al-Amash, right, and her her daughters cry during a rally for the release of her son Ramez Al-Amash, 25, who was allegedly kidnapped, at a Greek Orthodox church in Gaza. Photo by AP
Dozens of Gaza Christians staged a rare public protest Monday, claiming two congregants were forcibly converted to Islam and were being held against their will.
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13 Replies to “Gaza Christians protest ‘forcible conversions’”

  1. You might want to read up on the history of the Islamic Maghreb and the Arabian peninsula there Dude. It was all conquest and forced conversions. Jesus by contrast was Jew, who preached Judaism and had no intention of starting a new religion. I believe it was ‘Peter’ who did that quite some time after the death of Jesus. So there was no issue of conversion at all with him.

    Mohamed is another matter. Mohamed was quite clear that the whole world had to be conquered and put under the rule of Islam. That all religion was to be for allah.

    I know you have your multicultural fantasy that really, Islam is no different than Christianity. Ironically, proponents of multiculturalism typically hold the illusion that all cultures are at the core, the same. So it’s easy for them to be multicultural, as all cultures reflect their, ie your, values.

    The difference lies here.

    When Christians do violence in the name of their faith. When they employ force to exterminate another group etc. they do so despite and against their scripture. Which is easy to prove and is why Christian horror is rare. Islam on the other hand, is defying its scripture when it is tolerant of another group and treats them as equals. This also is easy to prove and also explains why Islamic horror and atrocities against every group it buts up against is common.

    In a nutshell: Christmas is about mistletoe. Ramadan is about Tow missiles.

  2. I never said Islam is the same as Christianity. So far, Muslims were not the ones who exterminated American natives ( because they were pagan ), enslaved hundreds of millions of Africans ( because Bible condemned Ham ), used nuclear weapons on Hiroshima ( also pagans ), and almost exterminated the Jews ( avenging Christ ).

    Muslims are guilty of invading Europe, true ( just as Vikings, Anglo-Saxxons, Normans are ) but they are positively amateurs in the religious genocide department compared to Christians.

  3. Dude your history sucks.

    The American Indians were mostly killed off by a disease the western civilization bought Smallpox which killed ten’s of millions in the 1600’s century when the western civilization first arrived.

    Nuclear weapon use it was the best weapon of the day it needed to be used and it seemed to have worked it saved millions of lives by ending the war early. Note: Ending a war early is a concept our politicians have no understanding of today.

    Nazi’s killed over 6000 christian theologians with in the church. Nazi’s were paganist not christian they made law to do away with all regions

  4. This is worth reading.

    Liberalism’s Good Cop / Bad Cop Team

    Regarding immigration and race, the good cop reassures the public that we are a nation of immigrants, that all peoples long for American-style freedom and can therefore become American citizens, and that diversity is glorious. But the “bad cop” confirms that the goal is the radical abolition of “white privilege” (i.e., the destruction of the traditional cultures of white peoples and the dragging down of whites in order to raise up nonwhites), and the creation of a radically multicultural / multiracial / “tolerant” [they say] society.

    Regarding marriage and sex roles, the good cop reassures the public that divorce has always been common, that feminism only makes society more just, and that you can still have an old-fashioned marriage if you choose. But the “bad cop” confirms that the goal is utterly to smash patriarchy, Christianity and traditional society.

    Regarding religion, the “good cop” reassures the public that good religion has always been tolerant, that most people have always been irreligious, and that the radical attack on Christianity exists only in the mind of “fundamentalists.” But the “bad cop” confirms that religion is the real enemy of the revolution, and that all “true believers” will be stripped of power and made objects of ridicule.

    Regarding homosexuality, the “good cop” reassures the public that homosexuality has always been accepted, even by the church, that research shows homosexuality to be normal, and that “tolerance” is the only political goal of the homosexualist movement. But the “bad cop” confirms that homosexuality is forcibly to be legitimized regardless of evidence or precedent, and contrary views are to be suppressed.

    More in the link above.

    Satire of the Pat Condell type, I’m now beginning to see, is of the “good cop” type, even though Condell may not mean to be a “good cop”. But the outcome is still the same – the destruction of traditional values.

    Christians in the ME may seem to be loosing at the moment, but we have to maintain our moral balance.

  5. Dude

    you have your history given to you by an idiot.

    Pontiac’s War 1763 which was the alleged time the blankets were given which there is no evidence. There is evidence of a lot of Indian horse thieves at that time.

    The first wave of small pox devastated the Americas that killed off between 80 to 90% of the American Indian population took place between the early 1500 to the early 1600’s.

    In other words your statement suggest the blankets went back into time over 100 years and killed the Indians. Do you believe in time travel?

    It was the communist Howard Zinn that pushed shock and aww version of history to new lows. Zinn said one time “Objectivity is impossible and it is also undesirable.”
    Why does anyone even listen to people like that?

  6. At the time of the Wilberforce centenary, I found out that most of the African slaves were not caught by Europeans, but by Arabs who bought them African chiefs. These were prisoners of incessant tribal warfare. The chiefs found that it was more profitable to sell their prisoners to Arabs, who then sold some of them to Europeans, then to simply kill them.

    Slavery has been endemic in the whole world. In most cases it was invasion and occupation. For thousands of years, Europe and Asia was invaded, and the defeated were made slaves. It was simply war booty. Africa was never a target for invasion, as there was nothing worth looting. In any case, Africans themselves were selling each other to any bidder. It was a buyers market – always was.

    One of the scribes of Pharoah writes that the main export of Africa was slaves and animals. Note the word “export”. It implies that the Africans were exporting their own people into slavery.

    But raking over this is not going to help. The fact remains, that slavery was abolished by Britain, and effectively stopped by the Royal navy, because its authority ruled the waves. Were it not for that fortunate happenstance, slavery would still exist. And unfortunately it still does, mostly in African Muslim states.

  7. “It implies that the Africans were exporting their own people into slavery.”

    Not exactly. remember it was acceptable for thousands of years to enslave your captives in war.

    I believe that is what this means.

  8. OxAO you are right, the slaves sold to the whites were war captives, in fact I have never read a true account of whites making slave raids, only Arabs.

    Dude for you version of history to be correct the Brits would have had to know about germs a long time before they were discovered.

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