Terrorist fear over uniforms


Security check

Security … checks at Olympic Park
Published: 20th July 2012

THE security crisis deepened yesterday amid fears terrorists could use uniforms and passes supplied to missing guards.

A G4S staff trainer said hundreds of yellow ‘Games Time’ outfits and post-training documents had vanished with the staff who have failed to show at Games venues.

He said: “Anyone in a G4S uniform would have a clear advantage if they tried to breach security. They’re not the sort of items you’d want in the hands of terrorists.”

One recruit said she was invited by G4S to pick up her official uniform six months after she FAILED the vetting process.

She added: “It’s a dangerous mistake. It means people who are genuine terror threats may have been issued uniforms.”

But G4S insist even staff with a uniform would not get on a site without first reporting to an on-site supervisor who would issue them with a “venue access pass”.

Another 1,200 troops have been put on standby to guard venues, joining the 3,500 already called up.

Soldiers preparing accommodation for military helpers in Wapping, East London, were having to pay £1 for a shower at a leisure centre. The MoD said they will be reimbursed.

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  1. Honestly, one would think this Olympic games has been organized by the three stooges, whom I might add would have probably done a better job. For their stupidity, they deserve everything coming to them., idiots!

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