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One Reply to “Lars Hedegaard speaks at the ICLA conference in Brussels Belgium July 9 2012”

  1. Thankyou Mr Hedegaard,
    It is very pleasing to hear your comments and guidence. Your comments save many of us years of suffering in the wilderness and wasting time.
    I agree that we must set about re-conditioning our peoples and building them into sea worthy vessels with captains who know how to avoid icebergs (the boat building analogy would have to come from a Dane).
    I think Geert Wilders told the Dutch parliament that they had become irrelevant. If they refuse to do what their told, well, then they do in fact become irrelevant. I’m trying to say we must break away from these people who are riding us like donkeys and persecuting us at every turn. Leave them in the cess pitts that they created and like Lars said build our own ships.
    I know I can say it better (more articulate) but that will do for now.

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