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3 Replies to “Erick Stacklebeck: Losing our sons.”

  1. I haven’t seen TV commercials in years that was odd

    Erick Stacklebeck always does a good job and understands what we are up against.

  2. I am particularly impressed that Stakelbeck addressed what “WE” can do now.

    FF 27 minute mark:

    Eric Stakelbeck: We’re wrapping up here with Sam Nunberg, Director of The Legal Project. Sam, people at home are probably listening to this, and it’s frightening, it’s maddening, they’re angry. What can we do about this?

    Sam Nunberg: Well, the good news is we can do a lot about it, and we could win. We could beat this. What we first need to do is reverse the Obama Administration’s policy and leave the UN Human Rights Council. Because, once we join councils like that, we vote for international resolutions which could become international legal norm and eventually come over into our own courts.

    Eric Stakelbeck: And the Obama administration got us onto The Human Rights Council at the UN.

    Sam Nunberg: Right. They reversed, yes, they reversed the Bush Administration, AND THEY HAVE TO RE-UP THEIR MEMBERSHIP IN OCTOBER. So, that could be a political issue for the election. I think what we also need to do is just be virulent, and you know, we are in the right. This is an issue of the First Amendment, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of religion that I think all groups can support. We need to reach out and find some of our allies on the left.

  3. Tolerance is a two way street, the left and the Moslems want us to tolerate their extremism but they refuse to tolerate the way we believe and live. Until both groups are willing to be tolerant we must be as intolerant as they are.

    Hate speech laws are an evil we must avoid, they cut both ways and the left wants them to shut up their opponents.

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