Swedish summer nights, a problem for moslems

Translation by Michael Laudahn



BIOLOGICAL DISCRIMINATION: In three days from now, it’s time again for this year’s ramadan rigmarole, along with adverts in arab and other languages in swedish newspapers that come with it. However, those [relatively] bright swedish summer nights cause a problem for moslems living in Sweden.


The fact that it has become economically viable to woo separate minority groups as target groups may be the clearest indication that mass immigration has gone very far. Now, even halal goodies [in swedish halalgodis, see

are available, the only thing still lacking are prayer calls throughout the rik [= german reich], then the circle closes and the future is here.


In northern Sweden, where the sun hardly goes down during summer, moslems have extra big problems.


‘This here is a big problem, it is no fun to face it every year. Those coming to our friday prayers say that they need to know, but I cannot say them anything’, says Mohamed Amri, imam at Luleå’s [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lule%C3%A5 ] moslem congregation.


Those who could tell us, the scholars in Mekka, do not seem to be interested, thinks Amri.


Omar Mustafa, speaker at Islamiska Förbundet i Sverige, informs that the problem has been solved in different ways, throughout the country. The issue is topical in all of northern Europe, and it is being discussed at the European Council for Fatwa and Research.


Already in 2011, Amri complained that Sweden was situated in the wrong location.

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27 Replies to “Swedish summer nights, a problem for moslems”

  1. It’s Ramadan at the north pole in summer;
    Yes, Ramadan at the north pole, it’s a bummer;
    The sun never sets, my fast never lets;
    The length of the day leaves me wasting away;
    Couldn’t Allah consult an astronomer?

  2. Ha, ha, just goes to show that the buffoon false Prophet Mohammed didn’t know anything about geology, astronomy or the Earth’s poles, despite being informed by his clueless god, Allah, the so called creator of the Earth and anything on it!
    More proof that Islam is superstitious, dimwitted nonsense.
    Well, I hope that the Northern Scandinavian Muslims starve to death. Enjoy Ramadumb, you primitive lowlifes!

  3. They use “Makkahkah” (Mecca) time for the beginning and the end of their fast… If mahound’s imaginary alter-ego allah really knew everything, it (not he) wouldn’t have invented ramadandingdong, would it? After all, that forces mahoundians to have to be creative and flexible when it comes to that most inflexible set of rules, meant to keep their brains in the 7th Century and their IQ below room temperature in degrees Fahrenheit, known as islam.

  4. I am very disappointed to read your comments. I would never make fun of anyone’s religious belief or acts, nor should you. Everyone has a right to live life the way they want, follow any principles they like. Making fun of anyone’s religion, their God, or prophets does not sound funny to me. I am shocked – utterly.

  5. That is some serious BS there Rabia. Let me guess that you are a Muslim and have never once complained that in Saudi Arabia bibles are illegal and there are no churches at all and antisemitism is the central dogma of the state and average households. That non-Muslims are not even allowed in Mecca or Medina. I bet you have never registered a complaint anywhere about the treatment of Christians and Jews by Muslims all over the world where they have the influence to do so. Or the implementation of sharia on those who do not want it.

    I bet your disappointment is nothing more than using fake sanctimony as a kind of weapon hoping no one notices your blatant hypocrisy.

    I might add that your comment above is in fact disapproving of our opinion. So already you are telling an untruth. Unless of course you reserve your perfect tolerance to belief in the supernatural. And we have already covered that.

    As to making fun, if the clown shoe with the curly toe fits then I strongly recommend putting it on. Just because someone makes up some stuff about the afterlife or gods or avatars or prophets does not make it except from scrutiny and even derision.

    Nice try though.

  6. Hi Eeyore, yes – I have complained against closed set up of Saudi dictatorship. You might also know that it is not just with Christians but also with Shia sect in muslims who are not allowed to pray at part of Mecca such as Janat-ul-Baqi where daughter of Prophet is buried. Irani muslims were banned for atleast 2 years to perform haj.

    Point over here is, we cannot justify it with religious implication because it is not. Prophet Mohammad when won the war in Mecca let all of the people go who were against him and they were non muslims. Let’s keep religion and cultural influences separated. Unfortunately, there has been lot’s of conflicts within muslims because of not looking at the bigger picture. I suggest you to take it with bigger perspective.

    Also, we all remember that Christians, Jews, and Muslims have same God and I see not much of a difference in all of us as we are all human and we all were taught to live a peaceful life together.

  7. Oh puulease! It is obvious to anyone with an enquiring and rational mind that Islam and Christianity do NOT worship the same God. The claim is philosophically and logically incoherent. Entities are known and defined by their attributes. The merciful, loving, peaceful, forgiving, truthful, triune Yahweh of Christianity has absolutely NOTHING in common with the sadistic, vengeful, capricious, bellicose and deceiving Allah of Islam. Muslims seem to have taken a page from Hitler’s manual: Just keep repeating your lies over and over and eventually much of the human race will swallow them. Unfortunately for the Muslim apologists, however, literacy and the internet are making that tactic obsolete. Any modern person can acquire genuine information on Islam simply by reading the Quran, the ahadith, and the history of the Muslim conquests. I have read all three and am utterly appalled by what they revealed. Islam is brutal, perverted, spiritually bankrupt – in short, diametrically opposed to all Christian teaching. The ultimate purpose of Christianity is to reconcile human beings to God and each other – to restore healthy relationships. The ultimate purpose of Islam, by contrast, is purely mundane – to spread Islam at any cost. Allah and his religion are nothing more than the products of the diseased mind of a 7th century psychopath with delusions of grandeur.

    • Sorry to say, your statements show extreme lack of knowledge – more so, from the “brutal, perverted, spiritually bankrupt” comments, you actually sound like you possess all these qualities. I could not find a better explanation to such illiterate comments and biased attitude.

    • Pick up the quran and see what’s the first rule: treat every human with respect. All the false propaganda that losers like you do, is plain BS. Yes I am a Muslim, proud to be one. My religion taught me to treat people from other religions with respect, not to laugh or mock at them. and now that I have read the agenda for this blog, I realize I have just waisted my energy infront of a herd of sheep. Why going in depths, when the first thing we pick from the Quran is not to be rude or cruel to any human or animal. Youre displaying number of people killed by Islamic terrorists – check damn facts first or ask a Muslim. No one is allowed to just go and kill someone, in the name of religion. This whole anti religion talk is just so dumb

    • and yeah, stop bullshitting Islam, by calling us terrorists. Those who are killing people out there, I do not call them Muslims from any aspect. May be its time you should admit – you want dominance, don’t blame it on Islam or any group. Your statements reflect how peace loving you, youurself, are.

    • And why I ever wrote on this stupid blog, I thought someone was talking about Sweden. Learn from Swedes, if you really hate others. At least they have the decency to have religious tolerance and have better manners.

  8. Rabia you are long on hyperbole and short on argument. Why not explain what knowledge is missing? Chances are you won’t because it isn’t knowledge its superstition and nonsense and slavish adherence to a pirate’s code that we don’t seem to factor in here. But if we are missing knowledge show some of ‘allah’s mercy’ and clue us in. Please.

    • my only comment is, no one is asking you to believe or not believe in any fact or superstition. You find Islam nonsense, that’s your view. Everyone has a right to live their life as they want. Why judging others?

    • Also this whole blog is stupid – long days, lengthy Ramadan, stupid people spreading stupid information without even knowing that no one has to fast for 20 hours a day. Hear one fool spreading false information, and you go after the bandwagon without even checking first if it’s the truth or not. Like i said, its easy laughing, mocking at others, and judging them. Only the bigger person can live and let live, and not make fun of others like silly high school children.

  9. Rabia cons: “no one is asking you to believe or not believe in any fact or superstition. You find Islam nonsense, that’s your view. Everyone has a right to live their life as they want. Why judging others?”

    There is not a single area of the world that muslims control where this is the case. Islam demands that people act as if they believe Islamic dogma and scripture as the only truth. Your statement is a pure con and I suspect you know it. If Islam was a live-and-let-live ideology as you suggest we be, then I would go back to my life and stop this activity. But you and I both know that Islam seeks global dominance and that if we are not vigilant here in Canada then freedom of speech, even the Renaissance itself will be over and irrational, bigoted, violent islamic theocratic thought will be the only kind available and any criticism of it will be banned just like it is in muslim controlled areas. Areas you would call, ‘Dar al Islam’.

    I prefer war if those are the only choices. As for your second point, there is no fasting in Islam. It is just skipping lunch and then gorging at dinner. It is common knowledge that religious muslims gain weight during Ramadan. Just another muslim con like all the rest of them.

  10. Is that “Rabia” as in “rabid”? In Spanish you can say, “me da rabia,” but that refers to an outside agent that you’re not able to control. Slight distinction, but passive vs active agency is quite different conceptually.

    Either language, your alterego is an angry – indeed, rabid – dog. Do you think Mahound & his imaginary friend “allah” would approve? (thx, eeyore)

  11. Rabia do you expect us to believe you rather then what the Moslems are doing to people all around the world and rather then what we have read in the Koran?

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