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7 Replies to “Charles Adler responds to the insulting remarks of the street imam in Toronto”

  1. He is a dick. Muslims can only think with their dicks. Get them out of the west and send there supporters with them.

  2. I have a much better proposal, which would make the imam regret spewing that nonsense… How about teaching Canadian women to cripple, maim and kill with their bare hands? I’d also favor the inclusion of a special chapter on a crippling, castrating roundhouse kick to mahoundian nuts… That would create a win-win situation for the West and Canadian women.

  3. Muslim are unable to control themselves, however I have a solution, it consists of two housebricks that are accompanied by a loud thwack around the nether regions, it has worked in the past and I’m sure it would work again.

  4. Richard:

    I don’t mean to be a contrarian, but now and again I feel it is worth pointing out a rather important observation.

    There was nothing wrong with the 7th century as far as I can tell. It seemed fairly liberal and decent overall given the level of technology at the time. It wa Islam that trashed it. For example, during the pre-existing month of Ramadan no one would carry weapons as it was understood that for a month everyone would set aside their differences so that there could at least be trade. In Mecca, the first city Mohamed attacked and destroyed and made mono-cultural, there was all kinds of cultures and religions coexisting rather well.

    From everything I have read the 7th century was pretty OK. It took one bearded pedophile pseudo-prophet to wreck it all for everyone.

  5. For the most part you are right, I (as usual) didn’t go into enough detail on what I meant, I meant that Islam is trying to take us back to the practices of a 7th Century caravan raider and slave trader, to a time when only a limited group had rights and that the number of rights depended on how much money you had.

    Yes I know the latter applies to all nations at times but it is technically against our laws, not enshrined in our religion.

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