Group of Muslim women try and lay flowers at Merah, the ‘Toulouse killer’ home

This news report clearly attempts to sanitize this event in a way they never would if, for example, a group of Christian women trying to lay a wreath at the home of someone who shot an abortion doctor, or Timothy McVeigh for example. Even though both cases are not even real equivalents for what Mohamed Merah did. But even if they were, imagine how the news would treat that in stark contrast with this. I recognize that this clip is from Jewish News. But it is still highly politically corrected. Had there been an attempt to commemorate any other mass murderer, they would not have treated it so ‘fairly’.

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  1. as well as the usuall cowardly OIC ispired absense of key words like islamic extremists in the media the police seem to pick strange times when and when not to act.

  2. This video is not recent. I believe it was taken just before his funeral. He should have been fed to the sharks instead of buried in France.

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