MI5 feared British police attended terrorist camps


MI5 warned Scotland Yard that policemen in its ranks were suspected of attending terrorist training camps, it can be disclosed.

MI5 warned Scotland Yard that policemen in its ranks were suspected of attending terrorist training camps, it can be disclosed.

Abdul Rahman admits travelling to Pakistan in 2001 but denies attending a terror camp

By , and David Barrett

9:00PM BST 12 May 2012

The policemen lost their jobs when their security clearance was revoked by senior officers after checks were carried out because of fears of “sleepers” in the ranks.

The Sunday Telegraph can also disclose today the identity of one of the policemen suspected of being at a terror camp in 2001.

Abdul Rahman had been a constable for almost three years when MI5 warned that he might have visited a training camp in Pakistan when he travelled there.

He resigned rather than be dismissed from the force and is now suing Scotland Yard for compensation. He says he is entirely innocent and has never been to a terrorist training camp.

His lawyers say he has never been questioned, arrested or charged under terrorism legislation.

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7 Replies to “MI5 feared British police attended terrorist camps”

  1. That is inevitable. Anti-Racism is simply inviting infiltration. It is next to impossible to prevent infiltration. Only by learning Urdu, and counter-infiltration we stand any chance.

  2. Britain once a tolerant nation, however it further saddens me how we treat a religious minority who have to face with daily prejudices that we in this country (and the world) take for granted.

    The rulers always need an enemy for distraction. For decades after WWII, until the fall of USSR, it was the ‘reds under the beds’. They were called all sorts of names. Unfortunately most religious groups joined in gleefully, if for no other reason, just to bash the infidels.

    Now it is Islam and Muslims. That is where most of the oil lies. There are pockets of non Islamic oil producers like Venezuela, they suffer the same fate – abuse, lies, vile propaganda, attempt at toppling and installing dictators etc.

    Media tells us en mass that Taliban, Alqaida control majority Muslims and are out destroy our way of life. But no one tells us why did West created Taliban and Alqaida? Because at that time enemy were the ‘infidels’ and only way to fight them was to use religion. WE could not fight them on the issue of, say, women’s rights in Afghanistan because they were em anticipating the women and we were crying hoarse that it was destroying their ‘cultural’ traditions.

    This is politics unfortunately.

  3. We can take it as a given that all security and police groups have been infiltrated by jihadists, we can be sure of this by the way the groups refuse to openly and logically talk about the Islamic threat.

  4. Once it was simple common sense not to allow enemy aliens to join the armed forces. This also extended to those who were allied, one way or other, to the enemy. So Germans were not allowed to join our armed forces when were at war with Germany. Simple common sense. Doing the contrary has huge negative impact on the morale of the armed forces, and we could even have lost the war. If we had, the Nazis and their Muslim allies, would have their boots on our necks.

    This obsession for mutlikulti in all policies and institutions will be the death of us. I hope they are not recruiting Muslims in more sensitive areas.

  5. Richard

    I hope you are wrong. I hope that there is some corner in the establishment where there is commonsense .


    Why do you post here, if you dont have the good manners to reply to those who respond to your comments?

  6. @ Iftikhar HamHead
    This only goes to show what a bunch donkies there are in parliament. Anybody with a grain of knowledge about Muslims knows what a lying treacherous bunch of arse lifting bastards they are. But they still keep putting them in trusted positions of authority. I wouldn’t trust them to clean pig pens out. But that is the only position of authority that they are worth, even though a pig is worth more than the Paedo Prophet Mohammed.

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