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9 Replies to “Tommy Robinson at the Brussels Conference. Pushing back against sharia”

  1. Bravo. Well said and I hope more people will start paying attention to what he says. A pillar of his community.

  2. Kudos to Tommy, a man of his word and convictions, a courageous man with integrity and loyalty to his country, a man who is rare in Britain these days.

    The fools in the enemedia and the traitors in the police forces who have sold their souls to the devil for a paycheque and have betrayed their brethren are despicable. They, along with the British elite puppet masters need to be taken to account. They all need to be tried as traitors.

  3. Great talk…He is obviously getting some input for his speeches….presentation etc
    I love him anyway her presents….. He is a true diamond in the rough

  4. When Muslims whine about racism, point out that according to Islam, abortion is murder, and would be far worse than the Holocaust. By not attacking abortion clinics in the West, Muslims have forfeited all rights to complain about “immorality”.

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