Iran ‘ready to attack US bases’


Iran declared on Wednesday that it can destroy nearby US military bases and strike Israel within minutes of an attack on the Islamic Republic, reflecting tensions over Iran’s suspect nuclear programme.

A surface-to-surface missile is launched in Iran

The elite Revolutionary Guards’ military drill included the firing of ballistic missiles Photo: AP

9:56PM BST 04 Jul 2012

The veiled threat came during a military drill that has included the firing of ballistic missiles.

The elite Revolutionary Guards, conducting the war games in Iran’s central desert, said that the missiles were aimed at mock-ups of foreign military bases.

Israel and the US have hinted at the possibility of military strikes against Iran if sanctions and diplomacy do not rein in Iran’s nuclear development programme. The West suspects Iran may be aiming to build nuclear weapons. Iran insists its programme is for peaceful purposes.

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6 Replies to “Iran ‘ready to attack US bases’”

  1. The Japanese, a far more industrious, cohesive, educated and technical people than the Iranians, thought they had a chance against the United States and we know the epilogue to that adventure. You pull the lions tail at your own peril.
    Should Iran continue along this path it will be very satisfying to see total destruction of the Iranian crazy mullahs and, hopefully, the western ban on Islam.

  2. Ahmedinejad, Khameini and chums are playing with fire and people who play with fire usually get burnt fingers!

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