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One Reply to “Eric Allen Bell speaks on his discovery of the true nature of Islam”

  1. There is a little problem, however. In their own system of Cultural “Marxism”, opposing Islam is “racist”, the worst possible sin. They should realize that what Muslims do in Sudan to Black people is far worse than “racism”. They should adapt Cultural “Marxism” from a system in which only White people can be bad, to a system in which only Muslims can be bad. But in order to justify such a system, they have to prove that Muslims have power. And if they admit Muslims have power, they have to realize that Muslims, unlike (non-Muslim)Whites, do not give up their power willingly under moral pressure, but instead will use their power to threaten. Cultural “Marxism” presupposes a Christian moral system in which the powerful willingly refrain from using their power against the weak, a system in which the powerful fear eternal hell. The secular elites inherited their moral instincts from Christianity, but if you do not believe in hell, refraining to use your power from crushing your enemies when they are weak is suicidal stupidity. The Chinese do not suffer under these delusions.

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