Police: Five dead, including hostage-taker in Germany (Updated)

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BERLIN: Five people were left dead after a hostage-taking during a home eviction in southwestern Germany Wednesday, including the presumed gunman, police said.

Police said they found the bodies inside after storming the apartment in the city of Karlsruhe when they smelled something burning several hours after the man barricaded himself and the hostages inside. – AFP

Earlier Reports:

Police: Three or four dead in German hostage-taking

KARLSRUHE, Germany: Three or four people were killed after a gunman took people hostage during a home eviction in southwestern Germany Wednesday, police said.

A police spokesman said the hostage-taker and all his hostages were dead after he barricaded himself and them into an apartment block in the city of Karlsruhe.

Police stormed the flat after smelling something burning and found the bodies inside, they said.

Residents of the building had raised the alarm with police at around 9:00 am (0700 GMT) when shots were heard from the home of the hostage-taker who was due to be evicted in the morning.

Police earlier said they presumed the three to four people being held hostage were a bailiff, the new home owner, the caretaker and a locksmith.

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Any guesses?

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9 Replies to “Police: Five dead, including hostage-taker in Germany (Updated)”

  1. EEyore

    You are not in any way implying that the mass murderer was RoPer?

    Its just not possible that the highest in the land, here in Europe and Pres Obama, have told us that such acts have nothing to with Islam. Absolutely nothing.

  2. DP:

    Given Europe’s ludicrous and totalitarian gun control laws there are only 2 groups that are actually in possession of guns.

    Indigenous criminals and Muslim immigrants.

    Give that indigenous criminals typically pay rent and have organizational skills that leaves one group.

    Of course I could be wrong and once before when I estimated a crime to be by a ‘cultural enricher’ I was wrong. We should know soon.

    Also given that clearly all parties involved know the perp’s name and wont say it, I would be it starts with an ‘M’.

  3. Snippets from the Daily Nail

    Media reports say the armed gunman executed a bailiff, a locksmith, the new tenant of his apartment and a woman in the south-west city of Karlsruhe with shots to the head before taking his own life.

    The drama began shortly after 9am this morning when court-appointed officials arrived at his loft apartment in the city’s Kanalweg to enforce an eviction order.
    It was reported that he also had a hand grenade and was heard by neighbours to shout at the bailiff; ‘You want my home, it will cost you your life.’

    Ooh – sounds suspicious.

    It is understood that the man was the former boyfriend of the apartment owner. They had split and he had allegedly refused to move out of her apartment.


    No real info till now


  4. Die Welt commentary provides some clues . . .

    Sympathy for the evicted tenant evaporates as evidence of this tenant’s arsenal (including grenades) belies the lack of funds for rent payments.

    One commenter states: “You gotta have to decide: Should it be a “hurray, as one fights against the system!” or be a “Look, this is definitely a bad alien!”

    “Heuschlern” is a term used in one comment chastising commenters critical of the tenant facing eviction.

    “Heuschlern” is a term which google translate couldn’t clarify, yet is found numerous times in an open search on the web. Coincidentally, the german term for hypocrites is ‘heuchlern’. Curiously, the spelling variant ‘heuschlern’ pops up in many links discussing Islam related topics as in this persian link:
    In the Name of Allah, Gnäden, the Merciful.
    Praise be to Allah, the Rabb of the worlds, the protector of the righteous, the supporters of the puritanical monotheistic noble warriors, against the infidels, apostates and Heuschlern. And the peace and blessings be with the commander of the mujahideen, the Chosen (Al-Mustafa), the trusted, Muhammad and his pure family and noble companions and all those who follow them with sincerity, until the day of judgment.

    So then,

    NOTE 02/05/2011: Our article was translated into English walhamdulillah read, but with a very interesting additional information, be sure >> HERE <<.

  5. Planned eviction results in planned executions . . .

    info culled from bild.de
    Among the dead: The Bailiff (47), a judicial official was shot initially in the thigh twice and the new tenant (49) – both were tied up, when the bailiff attempted to escape they were shot multiple times and killed by headshots, his ex-girlfriend/the home owner was found dead with chest wound in bed. The key service employee/locksmith (33) was mortally wounded by a shot to the abdomen as he attempted to overpower the perpetrator. The partner/girlfriend (55) died from an chest shot, the perpetrator himself had directed a shot in the head. The gunman was from Karlsruhe, lived partly in Alsace and was unemployed. Where he acquired the weapons is still unclear.

  6. “Given Europe’s ludicrous and totalitarian gun control laws there are only 2 groups that are actually in possession of guns.

    Indigenous criminals and Muslim immigrants. ”

    That is so totally true, and exactly the reason those gun control laws have been put into place. I think we will have to raid Muslims to get weapons.

  7. Gunman who killed four was French national

    The gunman who shot dead four hostages during a flat eviction and then killed himself in western Germany was French, it emerged on Thursday. Police say he had been planning the bloodbath for some time.
    The 55 year-old man, who has not been named, died along with his four victims in Karlsruhe on Wednesday. He was originally from the Alsace region, a police spokesman said on Thursday. The spokesman could not confirm whether the man also had German nationality.

    He had been living with his 55-year-old partner in her Karlsruhe flat just 70 kilometres from the French border. But she had fallen behind with maintenance payments and the property was sold off in April, the Tagesspiegel newspaper wrote late on Wednesday evening.

    The new owner wanted to live there himself – and told the couple they would have to move out. The imminent eviction had “shaken his personal existence” to the core, one investigator told the paper.

    The presence of a small arsenal of weapons and materials to restrain his captives suggests the “execution”-style murders were premeditated, police added. They found two pistols, a shotgun, a “gun with a long magazine,” a large amount of ammunition and a disabled hand grenade in his flat. The collection could have sustained a long shoot-out with officers.

    Investigations are being carried out into how he got the weapons – where he got them, and whether they were legal.

    Post-mortem examinations of the victims and the gunman are due to take place in Heidelberg on Friday, from which police are hoping to be able to gain a clearer picture of Wednesday’s dramatic events.

    The Tagesspiegel said the bailiff, locksmith and social worker arrived at the flat at 8am to evict the couple – the furniture removal van was waiting outside. The gunman let them in, but then took them hostage, forcing the locksmith to tie the others up, wrote the paper. Later the new owner arrived and was also tied up with the others.

    The locksmith made a grab for the gunman’s weapon but failed to disarm him and was fatally shot. The gunman then spent an hour drinking beer and watching the other hostages, before he freed the social worker who immediately called police.

    The social worker said he heard further shots as he ran down the stairs, wrote the Tagesspiegel. Police spent three hours outside the flat as negotiators tried and failed to contact him. A smell of burning prompted them to storm the property – the gunman had set the carpet on fire after killing the remaining hostages. By the time police got inside he had also shot himself dead.

    They also discovered the body of the gunman’s girlfriend on the bed, killed by a shot to the chest. It’s unclear whether she was already dead when the hostages were taken captive.

    The locksmith, 33, who leaves behind two children and a heavily pregnant widow, had only stepped in at the last minute to lend a hand, a friend of his told the Bild newspaper on Thursday. The bailiff, 47, also leaves behind a family.

    The French gunman had robbed a shop armed with a knife in 2003, but had not been considered violent or dangerous by authorities.

    Consider the last statement above, and compare to the contrary characterization of gunman as described :
    via Independent.ie

    “Police said the suspect, whose name was not released in accordance with German privacy laws, had no history of violence that would have made the bailiff and the others expect any danger.”

    Privacy laws . ..yeah, that’s the ticket.

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