So, who kidnapped them?

Is it my imagination? did I miss it? Or is there not ONE mention of who actually kidnapped these people in this entire 3:41 second news report on the rescue of these hostages. Not one mention. There are details of the victims and the rescue and everyone who said thank you from the friends servants tennis partners and their pets but not one mention of who did the kidnappings.


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4 Replies to “So, who kidnapped them?”

  1. It was probably Jews who kidnapped them or maybe a group of vicious Republican senators who kidnapped them, you know like the ones responsible for 9/11.
    This is why they’re not saying who’s responsible – they’re waiting for Michael Moore and George Galloway to write the fairy tale first!

  2. The covering up for Muslims is disgusting. One reason the media covers up for Muslims is because they think a Christian world will be overpopulated faster than a Muslim one, as Muslims are allowed to wage bloody wars.

  3. It was one of two things.

    1. The information was not available to Sun so they wrote the report so it wouldn’t look like it was missing.

    2. There are rules that make it not allowed to blame Islam when it was clearly and unmistakeably an Islamic issue, until and unless it is impossible to hide, or its so late in the story life-cycle that it no longer really has any impact.

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