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9 Replies to “Never ‘Arab Spring’, but Islamic awakening for khalifate. Press TV”

  1. That is a war I am sure they are looking forward to having after they conquer all of us.

    After all, if they defeat the Kufar, then there is no easy way into Allah’s Bar and Brothel they call paradise, right? So they will need a new enemy to fight. That of course will be Shiia Vs. Sunni. Then after that one, it will be those not Mustard enough. Because after all, when do you stop fighting for Allah, right?

  2. Muslims accuse “Islamophobes” of lying. Hitler accused Jews of lying. “Islamophobes” are the new Jews. In order to prevent another Holocaust, Muslims who accuse “Islamophobes” with lying, should be severely punished.

  3. Adolf Hitler never accused Jews of being Nazis. “Islamophobes” accuse Muslims of being Nazis. So Anti-Semitism and “Islamophobia” are very different.

  4. Yeah, and from what I have read some of the Shia think the Mahdi won’t come back until the Sunni and the Shia are fighting.

  5. No hatred of the Jews is central to the Islamic faith, as is the idea that all land a Moslem has ever owned is Moslem land for eternity.

  6. I see the reporter was dressed appropriately. Her English accent and her name go together like chalk and cheese.
    Islamic propaganda machine taking ownership of Arab spring.

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