Neighbours’ fury as council allows tiny bungalow to be used as an ‘illegal’ mosque for 200 worshippers

I wonder if this could be used as a precedent for non arse-lifters to turn their homes into illegal businesses.

The Daily Mail:

  • Islamic group insisted two-bedroom property was a home ‘used for the occasional meeting’
  • Now they say it is being used as a community centre – and apply for taxpayer funding to put on classes
  • Property was extended without planning permission
  • Neighbours have complained about noise, rubbish and extra traffic

By Rob Cooper

PUBLISHED: 07:46 EST, 2 July 2012 | UPDATED: 12:35 EST, 2 July 2012

A council has come under fire after an Islamic group extended a tiny two-bedroom bungalow to turn it into an ‘illegal’ mosque for 200 worshippers.

Residents are furious after being forced to endure noise at all hours of the day, congestion and bin bags strewn across the front garden.

Crowds of between 50 and 120 people gather at the mosque three times each week – and for big celebrations such as Eid there are several hundred.

The group bought the property in Westcliff, Essex, three years ago and extended it without planning permission and turning it into a mosque.

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Islamic centre: The tiny two-bedroom property which has been used as a mosque 'illegally' for the last two years despite objections from neighbours in Westcliff, EssexIslamic centre: The tiny two-bedroom property which has been used as a mosque ‘illegally’ for the last two years despite objections from neighbours in Westcliff, Essex

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14 Replies to “Neighbours’ fury as council allows tiny bungalow to be used as an ‘illegal’ mosque for 200 worshippers”

  1. It looks like some kow-towing councillor has been doing some shirt lifting for the arse lifters again. Give it a few more years and that two bed will be a full blown mosque complete with banshee howlers. That’s how these night shirts operate, one step at a time.

  2. People are people, regardless of where they were born, what color their skin is, or whatever religion. All deserve respect. Tolerance in Sweden/Britain is an illusion. The problem isn’t immigrants not adapting to British culture, it’s Brits showing much disrespect and scorn to those who are of any immigrant background. even if an immigrant was well versed in English, knew the customs etc. would they still get employment? No. Would Brits treat them as a decent human? No. So why would they want to assimilate into a culture that is constantly tearing them down? Multiculturalism is not about integration but about cultural plurality. It is not about separation but about respect and the deepening awareness of Unity in Diversity. Each culture will maintain its own intrinsic value and at the same time would be expected to contribute to the benefit of the whole society.

  3. @Ahmad

    I see you have started spreading propaganda and lies again.

    1. Why don’t you start with teaching Muslims to have respect for people of different races, skin-colors and religions – tell me; do you think that the Christians who are murdered by Muslims and the Arab-slave trade which was sanctioned by the Qur’an and led to the death of millions of blacks is the epitome of racism?

    Islam is a racist religion.

    2. What would you call tolerance? – if you don’t call anti-discrimination laws, social and housing projects, religious freedom and welfare-projects tolerant, then what would you call tolerant?

    Well the answer is that there is no place in the world as tolerant as the modern west – no place, and certainly not in the Islamic world. Therefor you don’t want tolerance, because you already have that to an extraordinary amount – you actually want to take our possessions, rape our woman, destroy our heritage and and put use into slavery.

    Did i get that right – your definition of tolerance = slavery, oppression and rape.

    3. It is almost impossible for a well educated Muslim not to find a job in the UK, because the socialist government actively discriminates to hire more Muslim interns and employees at government and state organizations. That’s what i call tolerance, but you don’t since to a Muslim tolerance is slavery, oppression and rape.

    4. why would Muslims want to join a culture that is tearing them down – well, Islam has turned them from decent human being into murdering, pedophile sociopath; so i am pretty sure that if the UK really was going after Muslims and discriminating against them they would all happily join British culture – Muslims are crazy like that, they will support the person who is making there life the worst.

    Muslims are self-destructive and will always support whoever will most likely cause the most damage to society, there children and themselves.

    5. Not all cultures have something positive to offer – take cannibals from the jungle, they eat each other and drink the ashes of there dead grandma, they crawls on the ground while being possessed by devils, start inter-tribal wars where the capture woman and rape them and they mutilate there bodies.

    Islam is like that – only with beards, child rape and jihad.

    PS. Of course i don’t expect you to answer – after all aren’t Muslims basically ubermenschen who can lie and cheat as they see fit?

  4. “People are people, regardless of where they were born, what color their skin is, or whatever religion. All deserve respect.”

    OK you nasty little twat, NO they don’t, NOT when they belong to a violent, supremacist, partisan cult masquerading as a religion. Take your da’wa and stuff it.

    I was sick of your garbage on “Creeping Sharia” and I’m sick of it here. I wish good people would not allow you to use their forums as a platform for your lies.

  5. I A I won’t write your name you don’t deserve it just like you don’t deserve an answer to your bullshit. But please keep it coming I am always amazed how you can make this stuff up. Maybe you could get a job working for hollywood film studios. You could write them one of your fairy tales you seem to be an expert at that. I for one know that islam is dangerous. Period. I don’t trust muslims in general. Your comments are water off a ducks back but I know you have to do it. Unlike Islam we really believe in freedom of speech so keep writing and for one will keep laughing. Unlike When Pigs Fly who is sick of you I believe you serve as a teaching tool to highlight just how ignorant you are of religious, social and political life. You muslims hold one view ‘the kora* ‘. Nothing else exists. The beauty of a walk along a canal in spring, the robins at a bird table, the sound of music or a beer on a hot lazy sunday in a country pub. This is alien to you because you are not from the west. You don’t belong here. Go home please. Even if you say I was born in the uk so what. You want to change everything british.No you don’t want to change everything british you want to destroy everthing British and move us back centuries to a land which is still in termoil to this day.
    I don’t want to deny you islam, your choice but please fuck off back to an islamic country and leave us in peace you boring boring person.

  6. Ahmad,
    I’ve invented a new bit of internet shorthand just for you it’s;
    (Go Fuck A Goat).
    So on behalf of sane people across the plant we can save ourseleves RSI when telli you to do the wild thing with your favorite sex partner

  7. You’ve proved at least one thing Itchibar Hamhead, and that is you’re just another racist Islime lying slime ball who worships the paedophile prophet MoHamhead. You also read that nasty little piece of toilet paper called the koranus. This is the piece of recycled dog’s droppings that preaches international hatred and the murder of all people who are intelligent enough to shun the pig dung that is Islime.

    The Koranus. The Mooslime charter for the rape of women and children who have been fortunate enough not to have been born into the backward ‘religion’ of murder, rape and paedophilia. Keep on peddling your filth Ham head, you’re only impressing backward fools like yourself and others who stick their arses in the air for Allahs inspection. We notice that when you’re not doing this in the street kneeling in dog urine you are doing it in public toilets known as mosques.

    You keep on sticking your arse in the air for Allah’s inspection and reading your koranus because your peado rapist cult seems to have an unhealthy big interest in arses. Allah Akbar (your God is a grate)

  8. “Unity in Diversity”

    Now there’s a quaint concept! It makes not one jot of sense, but it’s still quaint.
    Bit like the mixing of oil and water or, on a more serious note, a neighbour of mine couldn’t tell the difference between putty and shit and all his windows fell out.

  9. @ everyone sane

    Now he is spreading the gospel of Multiculturalism and Marxism – but when Muslims are the majority they will institute an orgy of violence against every non Muslim, including the same Multiculturalists and Marxist that supported them.

    Do you hear that Ahmad – when you are the majority you will kill every Leftist, homo, intellectual, Jew and rape the rest.

  10. why dont u white people go fuck urself

    fucking racist pricks

    us muslims are not terrorists

    its the sunni muslims that are and these muslims are shia muslims

  11. Moslems like many asian people(whenever they have the upper hand) would do unto others what they don’t like others to do unto them, eg, moslems (whenever they are in the majority or minority), would demand for endless special privileges, imposed their intolerant islamic culture and discriminate against us nonbelievers on a grand scale. That is why multicultural in any counry is NEVER a good thing, because it would turn ugly if one ugly culture try to dominate(other more distinctly different culture) and furthermore, not everyone can afford to pander to every culture or any incompatible culture. It would only ‘enrich” (albeit temporarily), certain socalled multiculturalists who are willing to kow tow to intolerant islamic culture or other intolerant asian culture.
    Because moslems like many asian people went to go to the West to become filthy rich and at the same time imposed their ugly islamic or ugly asian culture onto the West, more and more people are becoming more aware of the ugly side of multiculturalism.

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