Michael Coren on the gay pride march in Toronto.

This of course has nothing whatsoever to do with gay rights. This is about people who wish to parade every conceivable form of sexual deviation and be able to call anyone who doesn’t embrace whatever kink or fetish it might be, as a bigot and a ‘homophobe’. An absurd term if ever there was one, and one quickly adopted by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in order to suppress any observations or criticisms of Islam and its behavior and beliefs world wide now.

Every adult should have the right to live their lives in whatever manner they choose, short of restricting the rights of others, without fear of government persecution. But the gay pride march no longer has anything to do with that, nor has it for some time.

Now it is about showing the rest of the population that they had better not dare object to any form of sexual deviancy in public or under any circumstances. Not about the right and freedom to pursue happiness for themselves, but that the rest of the population cannot have the right to object to it as a part of the public paradigm.

I suspect it is a bad idea. A bridge too far. It certainly was in the Weimar Republic according to some historians.

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  1. Not sure if Pride is the right word for an aberration of nature. But imagine the pride of a bisexual transexual red/green colour blind dude with dyslexia and a club foot. He wouldn’t be able to tame or contain that level of aberrational pride evah!

  2. Although I am a staunch supporter of equal (not superior) rights for gays, I must agree with your take , Eeyore, on the so-called pride parade. It has morphed into something that does in no way resemble the the Pride Parade for equal rights in the early days.

    And this “parade” is by no means a representation of the majority of gays. From what I hear, many do NOT support this .

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