German police working with Saudi religious police in operation noone thinks will end well

I recommend watching this video a couple of times. Some of the most stunning bits kinda drift by the first time.

Thank you Hermes for this one. I really hope it goes viral. I also notice that Amnesty International at least acknowledges that the Saudi Religious Police are grotesque abusers of human rights in the real sense of the word, before the OIC and the Muslim Brotherhood changed the meaning to the sharia.

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3 Replies to “German police working with Saudi religious police in operation noone thinks will end well”

  1. What is going on? I’m beginning to believe that there is a NWO conspiracy and those in charge have decided that muslims will rule the world. Why else would a country commit suicide? It can’t be that they’re afraid of muslim rioting because if push came to shove, all they’d have to do is shoot them. They can’t be submitting because they’re afraid of being labelled. I would think no amount of money would make you sell your homeland. And no one is THAT stupid. So why, why are they selling their souls to these savages?

  2. I imagine Oil Tick cash has made the Germans concerned ……….stupid.

    That they are even in Soddy ARabia in the first place shows that a huge dollop of stupidity inducing oil money was in the envelope with the initial proposal.

  3. Wow…..Germans collaborating with Muslims to suppress the rights of religious minorities (Christians & Jews) and women and everyone is surprised? I’m not!

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