Muslim converts who ‘plotted to attack Olympic canoeing venue’ arrested after police see them acting suspiciously in a dinghy

Daily Mail:

By Tammy Hughes

PUBLISHED: 06:14 EST, 29 June 2012 | UPDATED: 08:07 EST, 29 June 2012

Two Muslim converts have been arrested on suspicion of plotting an attack on the London Olympic canoeing venue after police spotted them on a dinghy nearby.

An 18-year-old and a 32-year-old were detained after dawn raids were carried out at separate addresses in east London by officers acting on a tip-off.

Sources said the arrests were made after the men were seen acting suspiciously close to the venue in Waltham Abbey, Hertfordshire, on Monday.

Target? The Lea Valley White Water Centre near Waltham Abbey, was specially built for the 2012 Olympic canoe slalomTarget? The Lea Valley White Water Centre near Waltham Abbey, was specially built for the 2012 Olympic canoe slalom

Up to 30 police officers began combing the banks after three men were seen in a dinghy on the Lea.

A friend of the arrested men named the 18-year old as Jamal un-Din and said the older man was known as ‘Zakariya’.

Mizanur Rahman, 29, said the arrests ‘might have had something to do with the fact that they recently went canoeing’ on the River Lee, a branch of which runs through the Olympic site in east London.

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5 Replies to “Muslim converts who ‘plotted to attack Olympic canoeing venue’ arrested after police see them acting suspiciously in a dinghy”

  1. According to British writer and lecturer, Karen Armstrong, the west is deeply Islamophobic and the Islamophobia is the result of a long process of prejudice, dating back to the Crusades. The recent events have strengthened the prejudiced belief that “Islam is the religion of the sword”. Islamophobia can manifest itself directly in verbal or physical attacks on Muslims but also indirectly in negative images of Muslims presented by the media. Islamophobia was worsened by anti-Islamic policies, publications and activities in Europe and the US. Islamophobia is not only a cause of discrimination against Muslims but also an open threat to world peace. The western media and intellectuals play a significant role in spreading Islamophobia. Hate-mongers have come out of the woodworks in full force. Now, not a day passes without the newspapers, magazines, radio and TV talk shows, Hollywood movies, computer games and even children’s cartoons and the myriad of internet websites and chat rooms, attacking Islam and Muslims. Muslim communities in the western world and its so called leaders have taken the Ostrich-approach. They have buried their heads in the sand hoping the problems would go away. It is not going to go away. The neck of the Ostrich will be cut. Entire Muslim communities living in the west are under attack. According to a survey, 70% of Americans do not want to see Muslims living in their neighborhood. There is not a single day when Islam and Muslims are not attacked by the mainstream news media outlets. Muslims are referred barbarians who must either be civilised or banished before they pollute the egalitarian societies in which they were born or now live. According to a survey in Scotland, half of Scots see Muslims as a ‘cultural threat’. Scotland would lose its identity if more Muslims went to live there. According to DEMOS, British public is more worried about violent crime and immigration, but the British establishment has focused too heavily on terrorism.

  2. This guy is deeply infidelphobic. The whole muslim world needs to learn some sensitivity towards the infidel. Trying to kill them is not very sensitive and it will only increase tensions. This guy already suffers from being ginger and not being able to go out in the sun for long as can his brown circumcised friends from Pakistan, the land of the pure cousin inbreeds.

  3. But don’t you know that Muslims are oppressed, so they can’t be racist? Anyway, are Jews accused of honor killing and FGM? If not, doesn’t that prove that Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia are very different things? If we are to believe Iftikhar, Islamophobes are bigger liars than Anti-Semites, or aren’t they?

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