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10 Replies to “More on the pro-Taliban MF who got over 100K of government funds to glorify the deaths of Canadian soldiers”

  1. What are they thinking in Quebec? Are they thinking at all? Obviously they don’t care that they have a well advertised traitor in their midst and continue to fund him with OUR tax dollars. This is yet another reason I despise the supremacist mentality of Quebec’s francophones. They are a pox on the rest of Canada.

  2. Those who engage in acts or words of sedition or help to the enemy, specially in times of war, should have their citizenship revoked, and deported pronto.

  3. Why is anyone surprised by this? What else would a muslim be singing about than death and treason? What muslim audience would be interested in poems and songs about peace and togetherness?

  4. Mike: there will always be those that hate us the problem is why do we support them?
    Going to his web site will actually benefit him by getting more hits.
    that is how bad and evil art is financed by the government. The government doesn’t regulate why people show up to their site just the fact that they do.

  5. I’m sure the Muslim scum gamed the system to the limit. Victim rap. Nice sensual background music for a Tahrir handrape.

  6. DP11 they use to be put in prison or executed for actions like this, these days we have to settle for getting pissed off.

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