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9 Replies to “Hey little girl, whats the schmatta?”

  1. Schmatta…..fiddle-dee-dee………shamma-lamma-ding-dong!!!

    what’s a little lunacy between the worshipers of lunacy…..

    Sorry Vlad……after trolling the sewers of the internet I landed that giant stool…..I just had to share…..

    Islam…..providing humanity with non-stop, knee-slapping, side-splitting hilarity……..

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. When asked about the piece of cloth that came out of a little girl’s vagina, the Sheik wisely replied, “I did not take it out, it came out by itself.”
    Maybe, but you were still prying about down there. What on Earth was he doing looking at a little girl’s vagina anyway? Oh, yeah I forgot. This is Islam!

  3. I find it a bit creepy when the bearded old man with the pimp sunglasses says ‘at the blossoming age of 13 or 14’.

    I’d break this pious pervert’s nose if he showed up at my yard sale.
    Never mind taking any kind of advice from this sack of shhhhhhhhh.

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