MEK anual conference in France

The anti-Iran-regime organization, the MEK, a group which Bill Clinton had placed on the terrorist list at the request of the current regime in Iran as an attempt at appeasement, had its annual meeting in France.

A friend of ours was there, and brought back their booklet. I will post a few pages from it, as it is really quite interesting. I accept our friends view of the MEK, a “group we really hope will win against the regime, but we probably don’t want to see in power”.

It needs to be stated, this was no small meeting. These annual gatherings are in the tens of thousands. The speaker list is impressive.

This is a sort of cult on its own. The leader and all the board are women. This in itself isn’t bad but its that they have to be women, as opposed to a merit based system, it is problematic, at least for me. Even so, their goals and aspirations would be hard to improve on. I do hope that Canada and the US manage to delist them as a terrorist organization as they are openly and clearly a classically liberal group, even if it does have elements of cult to it, which I begin to think is a total necessity in the middle east, where 1400 years of Islamic indoctrination has made pure reason for its own sake impossible at this time.

This first scan is the back cover of the booklet. It lists their critical, 10 point agenda for change in Iran.


Here is another page from the booklet below:

There are a few more points of interest in the booklet as well, all very encouraging…

And more on women…

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  1. They are a hard group to peg. The name actually stands for, “Mujahadeen e Kalk”. No idea what Kalk means but we all know what Mujahadeen means.

    I hear very mixed things about them from various groups like Baha’i and Christians but overall they seem to be a kind of mix of former leftists and secular democrats who were betrayed by the revolution as are all the Arab spring people today (most recently in Sudan of all places, more on that later) Overall what they state is fantastic. A healthy egalitarian secular group who want rational rights. I guess time will tell if they ever get the opportunity.

    One thing is for sure. Clinton certainly made a huge mistake when he listed them as terrorists when in fact they are the best friend the west can have against the regime in Tehran now.

    But yeah I think they are sort of cultural muslims as Iran was before Khomeini

  2. For me they are as bad as the ayatollahs

    Go to the official site of the People’s Mujahedin of Iran and read some transcripts of Maryam Rajavi’s speechs … everything she says is based on her personal interpretation of verses of the koran and you can easily find many passages where she praises the prophet Muhammad… etc ( and beware of the translation – when she says« in the name of God» in reality it is «in the name of Allah the merciful » etc )

    Her belief system is a mix of Marxism and Islamism at the worst… they cannot be a credible alternative to the mullahs… same Islamic fanaticism…

  3. Comment from Michael Laudahn: (Who is having difficulty due to Sweet Captacha)

    According to Google Translate, it means ‘People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran’.

    Apart from that, I would warn strongly against them. According to me it is sufficient to judge them by the experiences made during their in-the-street money-collecting schemes which they run unprevented in naive countries like Germany. Especially if you make it a habit to interfere, the moment the outsmarted ‘donor’ pulls his wallet from the pocket and uses the chance to run off…

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