Swine heads in front of a mosque: Police tracking down the suspect

Article from Die Welt:

Translated by Hermes:

The 25 years old is said to belong to the extreme right – no confession made.

Berlin (dapd-bln). Police from Berlin have questioned a suspect in connection with the attack perpetrated using two severed swine heads against a mosque in  Neukölln. The detectives, on thursday at around 6 pm, allegedly searched the apartment and the car belonging to a 25 years old in the district of Lichtenrade, the spokesperson for the dept. of public prosecution said, in this way confirming a report from the newspaper “Bild”. The man, however, said nothing when confronted with the accusations.

The man is accused of having left two severed swine heads in front of the Sehitlik-Mosque in April.  This is a strong insult to muslims, because swine is considered by islam to be a dirty animal. Before this incident, paint bombs were already thrown to the building, and representatives of the mosque were blackmailed. In this letters, foreigners were told under threats of aggression to leave (the country).

According to some informations, the suspect detained on Thursday had been already investigated in the past for alleged resistence to authority, bodily injury and xenophobic insults. As newspaper “Bild” writes, the man is said to belong to the extreme right group “Autonomous Nationalists”. Accordint to police informations, extreme right pamphlets were found during the search of his apartment.

Evidence found at the scene of the happenings drove the investigators to the tracks incriminating the 25 years old. The secured evidences drove to the conclusion that the suspect could have bought the swine heads in a supermarket

After being interrogated, the suspect was set again free. There were not enough requirements to fulfill the parameters of the sentence, so there has been no arrest warrant, the spokesperson for the dept. of public prosecution said. But the investigations against the 25 years old are not closed. A  filed complaint (against him) for having insulted religious beliefs is still not out of question.

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3 Replies to “Swine heads in front of a mosque: Police tracking down the suspect”

  1. I don’t condone racist behavior, but I’m all for a little Nationalism and especially for giving Muslims a taste of their own medicine. This is probably the imminent future for Europe as the natives eventually start to bite back against Islamisation.
    Muslims may act all puffed up and intimidating but they have massive chinks in their armor. If you can worry a Muslim with a pig’s head, then you can worry them a lot with many more pig’s heads!
    Islam is inflexible and confused, therefore it is very vulnerable to brave and clever attacks. If every non-Muslim knew the truth about Islam and had the courage to stick with their convictions, then Islam would be defeated in a decade.
    Islam has a menacing growl and sharp teeth but it has a thin skin and no horns. It is the Wizard of Oz hiding behind a curtain. One day Islam will fall and when it does, it will never get back up again!

  2. Just send them a pound of bacon in the mail. Request signature delivery! Cheaper-neater-same message! Plus, it is doubtful that you will be traced!

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