On the Power of Immigrants and the Upcoming Revolts

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From Gates of Vienna:

“When the euro collapses, the social service system for immigrants will fall apart. Then the old ethnic, religious, national and other prejudices will burst out so vividly that each population group will think first and foremost of itself.”

In an interview with Kopp Online, the German author and journalist Udo Ulfkotte discusses the grim times that lie ahead for Germany and the rest of Europe.

Many thanks to JLH and Hermes, who undertook the translation of this interview as a joint effort:

Ulfkotte: On the power of immigrants and the upcoming revolts

The journalist and writer Udo Ulfkotte was clearly right to have feared for years upcoming revolts between natives and immigrants refusing to integrate, and of criminal immigrants in Germany and Europe.

Dangerous clashes, in which the strength of the immigrants becomes more and more blatant, are on the rise. Meanwhile their numerous families and clans issue unscrupulous and open threats against state organs, journalists and victims. Is the situation in Germany already hopeless? An interview with Udo Ulfkotte.

Kopp: Mr. Ulfkotte, a recent case in North Germany is currently driving many people mad: three dangerous immigrant criminals attacked, beat and robbed a pensioner. However, the old man shot one of the criminals dead in self-defense. Then the numerous family members of the dead criminal put pressure on the government to prosecute the pensioner for manslaughter. The state attorney’s office from the town of Stade really has prosecuted him, reversing its original decision. How influential are these populous immigrant families, and where do they get their strength from?

Ulfkotte: This is not the only case. Some weeks earlier the whole of Berlin trembled because the immigrant Youssef El-A. was stabbed, also in self-defense. It was the biggest Islamic funeral Berlin has ever seen. And thousands of demonstrators demanded that victims of crimes who act in self-defense be imprisoned. The criminal was turned into a hero. Same happened in Sittensen. And the extended family always stands behind the criminals. In cities such as Bremen, journalists and police have been extorted for years to pay protection money for families such as that of the “Miris”. In Essen and other cities of the Ruhr, police were no longer allowed to intervene when these families offered children for sex in the backrooms of cultural associations. One was not allowed to talk about that. It’s this damned political correctness which has brought all of this on us.


Journalists were also threatened in Uelzen in March while reporting about a process involving immigrants, as were many from Die WeltTagesspiegel and theFrankfurter Rundschau, who had to endure massive threats from Salafists in April because of having reported critically on the Koran-distribution campaign. What has suddenly happened here? Does it not sounds like extortion? And what do the judicial organs do to counteract this?

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7 Replies to “On the Power of Immigrants and the Upcoming Revolts”

  1. Keep you friends close and your powder dry.
    I too believe the welfare states are unsustainable. It’s just a matter of time.
    Ned Kelly once said “when the white man becomes desperate there will be desperate times”.

  2. The only way to defeat Muslims is by resorting to asymmetric warfare. Sadly, Germany is too Christian to do that. Amputate the hands of the Muslim, and gouge his eyes, pointing out that Islam forbids euthanasia. Also, reverse the double sexual morality of Islam. Non-Muslim men should be able to have sex with Muslim women, but not the other way around.

  3. The only reason they have any power at all is because we bend over and grant it to them through cultural marxism (PC).

    As far as I’m concerned all immigrants should have to earn their rights and not be handed them on a silver platter. We, and our ancestors had to earn ours and the result is most of us appreciate them. Certain immigrants use their “rights” to fleece and control us and have absolutely no appreciation for what they have received unless they can use it to get a leg up..

  4. Qur’an says Allah has created diversity and we must accept diversity as divine gift. The Norway killer was angry at multi-culturalism and many Europeans are not so enthusiastic about immigration and multi-culturalism. This creates narrowness and anger and explodes in violent form through some individuals or groups. The only remedy is to accept diversity and multi-culturalism as part of divine creation and as divine gift. Also let us change our idea of finality of truth.

  5. I think I understand Iftikhar now.

    If he doesn’t lie continuously and misrepresent the facts for Islam, he is afraid he might suffocate or his jaw or hands will rust shut.

  6. Multiculturalism is a very good thing. The Middle-East should receive immigrants from Europe. I have little problem with multi-culturalism and immigration in Europe. I have a problem with Islam everywhere.

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