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8 Replies to “Michael Coren on leftist alliance with Islam that allows Muslim rape gangs to flourish with impugnity”

  1. At 5:20, Michael Coren said it all with “leftwing caracature” while exposing her bigotry, and a bigot she is. This Laurie Penny is a highly subjective, leftist egomaniac pure and simple without an ounce of compassion for the victims who must feel all but abandoned by the P/C tainted authorities who’s job is to protect the most vulnerable from such horrific abuse. A “racist bigot,” Really, Ms. Penny? Since we now know where or who your “compassion” is directed at, i’m gonna go out on a limb here and say something that may offend some people reading this, though that is not my intention, and for those, please accept my apologies in advance for I mean no offence to decent people. I strongly feel this needs to be said to you Ms. Penny, You are a disgusting bitch, and since I believe you to be devoid of all humanity and decency, may you find yourself gang raped repeatedly to the point that you can finally step out of yourself, and actually feel REAL compassion for the suffering of these poor children and young women who don’t have it as lucky as you, born with a silver spoon up your ass. If you prove incapable of empathy after such an ordeal, then please just die so more worthy folk can breathe your share of air.

    To everybody else, I am not one to wish a horrible, violent attack such as rape upon another human being, but this extremely calloused attitude shown by many leftists fills me with a combination of sadness and indignation at it’s depraved, morally bankrupt banality. I thought writing this would make me feel a little better once getting it off my chest. Sadly it hasn’t. I’m truly sorry if some are offended, and ask your forgiveness. Yes, I could delete this, but no, I won’t do so for reasons I cannot fully explain, so I leave my statement for the readers and posterity to judge. All I would ask is for a little kindness in your judgements.

  2. Well said Randy and you certainly don’t have to be sorry for saying it. Unfortunately, the Laurie Pennys of this world have become the worst ennemies of abused women all over the world. The ‘feminazi’ who fought so hard to liberate women are now silent on the abuse of other women who can’t defend themselves. They will attack a woman who has fought her way to a successful career within our capitalist system but close their eyes when their sisters are beaten and raped on a daily basis. Shameful.

  3. Randy63ism. Whilst I can’t agree with you about her being being gang-raped, I agree with you about the “disgusting bitch” part – and I even feel that this is by far an understatement. Unfortunately, there are too many like her around these days. They are best ignored for the pathetic excuses for human beings they are.

  4. @randy63ism

    She could be gang-raped repeatedly by “Asians”, or her daughter or niece could get pimped by “Asians” and that would do nothing to her fundamentalist leftist beliefs, because she lacks this spark of humanity that allows her to feel empathy and pity for other people.

    To someone like her there is no “other”, there is no “second ego” – only her believes, her world, her own views matter – the prime example of an intellectual.

    She doesn’t feel pity, she doesn’t care what these girls suffered, she doesn’t care about the truth, or about other people – her believes are her identity, there is nothing more to her.

    An empty shell of a human being.

    Luckily we can pity her, but she can’t pity use.

  5. @Catherine. Yes, the gang rape statement was extreme on my part. It was difficult for me to actually come out and say it because well, it’s a downright horrible thing to say, but it reflected my feelings of the moment. You are so correct in saying there are too many people like her around these days, spewing forth their narcissistic bile. I do however have mixed feelings about ignoring such as her. It distills down to a choice of either not giving her the pleasure of an audience for her sanctimonious drivel, thus depriving her of the ego boost so derived, or allowing her to “out herself” so to speak, so people can judge her for the garbage she really is, and by her own words. In other words, giving her enough rope to hang herself with.

    I don’t know. Both have their merits. It’s a tough call.

  6. @Bobbejane. Most likely you are correct. there is not a spark of humanity in those eyes, only hatred of all she opposes, and it wouldn’t even matter what position she takes, because ultimately to such as her, it isn’t about the issue at hand, but rather her own subjectivity. Her own ego. That is the only issue that really matters to such people. They’re so full of themselves, with a little hot air added. Ok, a lot of hot air.

    I love your statement “fundamentalist leftist.” It is a most apt description of her type.

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