Some hard core taqyyia and abrogation from the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

It is really worth everybody’s time to go to the Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood) and the OIC, (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) web sites and check out what they mean by “human Rights” and “democracy”. Both terms mean one thing and one thing only as both sites specify in English. (English is one of the official languages of the OIC)

They mean sharia. Islamic human rigths mean the right to impose sharia on all people. That is it and that is all. When you listen to this video, you should be afraid. If you are not, you probably do not understand it.

H/T Hermes

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3 Replies to “Some hard core taqyyia and abrogation from the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt”

  1. Sounded like the usual MB boilerplate to me. The MB thinks democracy will help them become the next dictators of Egypt and they want other countries to pressure the military to permit that.

    The derp didn’t say anything frightening like Muslim Brotherhood operatives have said in other clips. There were no veiled or overt threats as in other clips of MB types.

    You say this indicates something frightening but I don’t see what that is.

    What did I miss?

  2. They say we have no reason to fear Sharia, it is now up to them to prove we have nothing to fear, all they have to do is start acting like people who believe in freedom and stop oppressing non Moslems.

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