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3 Replies to “More Muslim hate-preachers in Canada, this time at a food bank”

  1. If you talk with a socialists they will say Islam is miss understood and they need their voice heard.

    The problem with that is we do listen to Islam socialists do not.

  2. We listen to them and think for ourselves, the mind numb are letting the left thing for them and thus refuse to accept that there is no such thing as moderate, not hateful Islam, only some moderate Moslems.

  3. “I’m a practicing Muslim.” – Raheel Raza

    What kinnnnnd of Islam does she practice?

    Here ya go………….


    Yep, she’s leading a group of Muslims, women AND men, in a prayer in Tarek Fatah’s backyard.

    And she’s not even sitting in the back.
    Rebel, rebel!

    I don’t have a problem with rebels.
    I have a problem with rebels fueled by their own delusions.

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