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3 Replies to “The Arab Spring. What could possibly go wrong?”

  1. @Columnist

    Finally something sensible.

    The best option for the Islamic Middle East in to convert to one of the “Magian” religions of there ancestors, for example: Nestorianism, Judaisme, Parsiism, Neoplatonism, Manichaeism or “Indic” religions of there ancestors like Buddhism and Hindhuism.

    Another option would be new religions like Bahaiism or Sikhism, which have a strong Islamic origin but are not technically Islamic.

    Thirdly – the adoption of Evangelical, Charismatic or Catholic Christianity from the west would be a suitable option: These religions are basically a mixture of Western and Middle-Eastern ideas.

    Fourthly – the adoption of the enlightenment, which would contain a system of law (Anglo, Roman or Continental), science with it’s broad historical and natural system, a system of ethics, which is mostly a mixture of Christian and Socialist ethics and the idea of constitutional monarchy, which i belief is the only western form of government suitable for the Middle East.

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