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8 Replies to “Nigel Farage on FOX: The whole thing is a giant ponzi scheme”

  1. The elite, the Bilderbergers and higher, have secret hideouts and use alternative energy, that is alternative energy to oil. Only God can save us from total destruction.

  2. @Columnist

    Could you explain yourself:

    You mention tthe Bilderbergers, but who exactly are the elite and the higher?

    What are these secret hideouts and why do they need them?

    What is this alternative energy you mention?

    Why does it matter that “they” use alternative energy – many people make use of nuclear, solar, wind, geo and blue energy – why is alternative energy bad?

    Why would God save use from destruction when he allowed Islam to take over the Middle East and allowed many believing and religious people to die in WWII and many other wars throughout history?

    Please awnser these questions so i can form a better picture of your ideas and opinions.

    Yours sincerely,


  3. The elite and higher are the people who are even more powerful than the Bilderbergers. Of course I don’t know them, because they keep themselves in secrecy. They need secret hideouts in the case of a nuclear war, environmental destruction, an oil boycot, or other worldwide breakdown.

    Alternative energy isn’t evil, in fact it is very good. In all likelyhood even Muslim countries have and use post-oil technology; http://www.keshefoundation.org

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