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2 Replies to “Zimbabwe blasts Canada and USA on U.N. – ‘HRC’”

  1. NO not every country by virtue of their membership in the UN has a right to sit on every and any council. It is abject hypocrisy to allow any country to sit on the UN Human Rights Council who does not follow the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to the letter. This disqualifies all muslim countries as they have the OIC’s Declaration of Human rights that supersedes all others. It also disqualifies Zimbabwe. I can’t imagine anyone telling such bald faced lies as the fellow in the video from Zimbabwe unless of course his head is at stake ( no pun intended).

    This is yet one more reason the UN is a complete farce. Western countries need to free themselves of this circus of thugs & despots as soon as possible. Write to your representatives.

  2. The Unadulterated Nonsense is a bust. Time for Canada to leave this festering cesspool of baffoons once and for all.

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