Two pork stories.

Here are two, pork related stories.

1. England

From the Daily Mail:

A ban on bangers: Hundreds of school pupils denied pork because of ‘religious reasons’


  By Pamela Owen

PUBLISHED: 08:11 GMT, 17 June 2012 | UPDATED: 14:24 GMT, 17 June 2012

Roast pork and sausages have always been a staple of British diets.

But now hundreds of school children will be denied them for school lunches because of ‘religious reasons’.

Pork, which is not eaten by devout Jews or Muslims, has been banned by councils across the country to satisfy the needs of staff and pupils who are not allowed contact with it.

However, it is thought many schools do not serve halal or kosher meat, so Jewish and Muslim children would not be able to eat it anyway.

No longer on the menu: Hundreds of school children will be denied pork because of their religious peersNo longer on the menu: Hundreds of school children will be denied pork because of their religious peers

The decision has been criticised by MPs who have said the ban will cause unnecessary resentment among pupils and religious leaders who said they never asked for a ban in the first place.

John Benjamin, chief executive of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, said it was simply not an issue and added that Jews of a certain level would choose not to eat in non-kosher environments.

(H/T Don L)

2. U.S.A.

Ottawa Sun:

Burger King invents the Bacon Sunday!


BK offers bacon sundaes - in the US only




Move over double-down.Nice try deep-fried butter.Burger King is upping the ante this summer by introducing a new bacon sundae.

On Tuesday, the fast food chain introduced the new menu item – featuring real bacon bits on soft vanilla ice cream.

But sorry, Canadians — there’s no plan for the cool summer treat to come north of the border just yet.

A spokeswoman for Burger King told QMI Agency the dessert is still only booked for a limited time in the U.S.

The chain says the salty-sweet dessert has 510 calories, 18 grams of fat, and 61 grams of sugar.

Burger King has been revamping its menu over the past year, launching other new products such as sandwiches, salads, sweet potato fries, smoothies and specialty coffees.

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10 Replies to “Two pork stories.”

  1. The Vosages mo bacon bar is awsome! It’s a gourmet chocolate bar with bacon.

    I also love the Wild Ophelia Beef Jerky chocolate bar. It sounds nasty but is sooooo goooood!

  2. The very fact that these stories come out prove that the West isn’t dependent on Muslim oil. Don’t believe the lies told by the media. The people that lie to us, will burn eternally in hell. My religion is superior to all others as it has both eternal hell and euthanasia. It beats atheism by threatening hell, it beats other religions by allowing euthanasia in many cases.

  3. I’m sure in a certain situation,any muzzie would kill you to get at a Pork Sausage or a Bacon Roll,if any muzzie were trapped on a Desert Island,and it was running wild with Boar or Pigs i’m pretty sure their beloved mohammud would take second place,…,???…- i’d kill the muzzie just to make sure i was eating for as long as i could,…….thats after he Built me a Boat of course!

  4. The Vosages Mo Bacon bar comes in fun size as well. So you can give it out to kids for ramadan. Muhuhahaha.

  5. How dare these bastards bring Jews into it? Jews may not eat pork but never, ever expect anyone else to stop eating pork on their behalf! We all know that the ban on pork for English schoolchildren is an attempt to appease Muslims.
    The establishment have never given a damn for the rights of Jews and never before have they done anything to support the Jewish religion, if anything they treat Jews as the bottom of the pile whilst kissing the ass of Muslims. If there is a backlash against this anti-pork ban, Jews will be a target of anger as well as Muslims and this is grossly unfair.
    This Muslim appeasement has got to stop. If the establishment really wanted to ban food on religious grounds then they would also ban beef too, as Hindus don’t eat beef, but we know what they are really trying to do – they have found one common denominator that Jews and Muslims have in common (pork) and used it to their advantage.
    Dirty, filthy scumbags!!

  6. Eeyore, I don’t know. I’m still trying to figure out how to get muslims to the Arctic for Ramadan, if you know what I mean.

    (wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more say no more!)

  7. I am allergic to pork

    Being allergic to pork I find out the hard way sometimes what has pork in it.
    It is surprising the number of products have pork in them.

    Things like many donut shops use pork fat for the oil. Often they don’t even know what kind of oil they are using. Even normal coffee shops often they cook some bacon and then slap on the next product on the grill which is enough for me to get zits and boils.

    Honestly it is impossible to live in our society and not eat at least a little pork. if your not allergic you really wouldn’t know what is ok and what isn’t.

  8. OxAO – your bang on mate,how the hell are they going to know if something in the Western World contains Pork or not,what a total bunch of hypocrites the muzzies are , (once again)very selective,in what they say,as to what is right and what is wrong what i find surprising is the fact,that,they think it is o.k.tell their followers to think one way ….but untill”WE HAVE TOTAL CONTROL then”WE WILL” think “this way”! did a certain “Adolf” not say the same thing at some time in History??

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