Norwegian kid with hippie parents who get a reality check

Something odd happened to this post and the video I originally had here got substituted for this one. This is an older video from about 3 to 5 years ago which I re did for friends in the counter-jihad and I have no idea how the code got changed from the original one, a weird imitation of an ‘anonymous’ video demanding that antisemites get the same treatment usually reserved for Jewish owned business… more or less.

I’ll try and track it down again. it was also interesting.

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15 Replies to “Norwegian kid with hippie parents who get a reality check”

  1. I feel sorry for the kid to have such an unsympathetic delusional woman for a mother, who has yet to cotton on to the fact that maybe it would be in the child’s best interest to move to a less “culturally enriched” part of Norway.

  2. I have seen this video before. It is a fine tutorial on the self-absorbed nature of those who practice leftist, multi-culturalist theory, and how they are so willing to sacrifice their own offspring’s well being just to prop up their own delusions. The poor child had to endure two years of that multi-culti nightmare! And all for his parent’s “chrerished, naive, belief system.” No matter how these liberals present themselves and their theories as enlightened, intellectually based, and morally compassionate, they crumble under impirically-observant scrutiny when seen in action, and defy common sense. Come on, Two years? Those irresponsible parents should have placed their son in a better environment long before that!

    This is the liberal equivallent of parents of certain denominations that promote faith healing and thus refuse to seek medical treatment for their children, often with tragic results.

    It is nothing but narcisissm, pure and simple.

    OMG! The Psycho-Captcha! Drag the knife to the bathroom, vis a vis Norman Bates!
    Muahahahahahhahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! I love that one!

  3. Jesus christ the place looks like Pakistan when they left the house. Living there the kids just another Brevik in the making.

  4. Man, and listening to that stupid bitch mother of his. “Im so envious of him!” Totally clueless. Hopefully reality of what it really means to live in a “multi-ethnic” society will begin to finally set in before its too late.

  5. Adam, “Brevik in the making” is a sobering possibility. As a single father who raised three sons by myself, four year’s of which, I was an active duty soldier, and for four years, my middle boy underwent chemotherapy for Leukemia at the age of three, I feel very sad for this child, and I hope he gets some real help.

  6. Have seen this video before. Eventually they move him to another school were he got friends and started playing football. What it says in a later part was the fascinating observations from the boy. The mother says something along the lines of “Elias does not refer to himself as White or his other class mates as brown or black, he refers to them as Muslims or the non Muslims”

    This video is an important one because it is from the viewpoint of an innocent child that has formed these concepts. Not a child having it pushed upon him as his parents are clearly liberals. Astounding that at the age of 5 he learned to tell his mother that they are Christian. I assume as those that are polytheists, or atheists somehow command less respect from Muslims?

    From the other side of things, it’s interesting to see the degrees of separation from small children. The Muslim kids beat him up and call him pig eater.

  7. I do not cry easily but this made me weep.

    Poor little boy.

    His parents are child abusers of the worst sort.

    I don’t know what else to say.

  8. His parents are what is the problem, young healthy white couple who support multiculturalism and immigration who only had 1 child!


    Typical brainwashed hippie liberal idiots.

    Their poor son.

  9. I agree with all who have posted above. One ray of hope for little Ellas I would like to mention, which he discovered early on in his conversations with Muslim children: his protection is in Christ. He identified as “Christian”, specifically. Regardless of his mother’s “atheism”, Ellas discovered that the response to Muslims is saying one is “Christian”, not “atheist”. His instinctive identification as a child of God (which all children are) was and is a protection against the evil he faced. God bless this child and protect him.

  10. The tragedy is the idiot mother. Because she is representative of a genre. Even when she describes her 5 year old son “looking at her strictly” and stating that they are “Christian”, she still doesn’t haul it in. There is something weird about Scandinavian leftist women, a peculiar obtuseness.

  11. @ramjetejmar, June 17, 2012 at 4:01 pm:

    Multiculturalism was never intended to work and the politicians know this. They don’t believe their own bullshit. Most U.S. congressman are mostly attorneys so they are not stupid. I think most politicians aren’t as stupid as people believe. The politicians, at best, just don’t give a damn or at worst, do what they do with the intent to harm their country.

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