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4 Replies to “Analysis on the Iraq and Afghan wars. (Hint: Iran won)”

  1. So what this analyst is stating is the United States and it’s allies have expended untold blood and treasure to advance Amahdinnerjacket’s mahdi wet dreams?

  2. What did anyone expect? The left has been snatching defeat from the jaws of victory ever since Korea, now you know what the patriots felt like during Nam, we would win a victory and the left would spin it so it was a defeat. They would publish classified info about upcoming operations and lie that they hadn’t, those who weren’t alive during Nam have no idea of the depths of evil the left went to to ensure that the communist one that war.

    They are doing the same thing now, but this time the enemy isn’t going to remain overseas, they are already in North America and are waiting for the word to start killing. In the long run the west will win the war but I don’t know if western civilization will survive the war.

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