Undercover Mosque Sweden

It seems at least one media company in Sweden had the courage to examine what was being taught in Swedish mosques. They appear to have limited the field of inquiry to treatment of women and Swedish law, and ignored aspects of supremacy, hatred of Christians and Jews, teaching jihad and so on, but even so, it is quite revealing.

Let us hope this begins the journey back to sanity for the good people of Sweden.

More information and analysis on this program available here

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5 Replies to “Undercover Mosque Sweden”

  1. In their own languages, they say totally different things from what they tell the Swedes. First Allah promised people the right to drink wine, in order to make them convert, then he revoked that right. Allah cannot be trusted, as the Muslim will find out after his death.

  2. Who cares what they say, we all know what they want and how sick their ideology really is. So how about no Islam at all in Sweden; period. It’s crazy there are already 400,000 on a population of 9 million. The opinion of the working class citizen about importing all these people has never been asked.

  3. Brilliant Post!!!!

    Thank you very much for posting this documentary….this is the kind of clarity and coherence that kills muslim propaganda and lies dead in their tracks……now…let us do the same sort of thing in Canada.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  4. Why do Muslims fear their own clerics? They can easily beat them to death. The clerics are cowardly hypocrites who fear death. They will burn in hell. The Muslim has a double standard. A big mouth towards infidels, but reverence to his own clerics. His clerics fuck him in the butt.

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