…and let’s hope the U.N. is next. Anyone ever remember voting to join it?

From Express UK:

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The vast majority of Britons now want a referendum on EU membership

Tuesday June 12,2012

By Alison Little

DEMANDS for the British people to have a say on our role in Europe got a huge boost yesterday.

A new poll showed more than 80 per cent of voters are crying out for a referendum.

Nearly half of voters – 49 per cent – want their voices heard straight away, according to the survey.

A further third, 33 per cent, believe that there should be a vote “in the next few years”.

David Cameron, delivers his statement at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg

in revealing people’s deep dissatisfaction with Brussels in our popular crusade to get Britain out of the EU.

We have consistently said Europe has changed so dramatically since 1975 – when Britons last had a referendum – that another is long overdue.

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6 Replies to “NOW 80% DEMAND VOTE TO QUIT EU”

  1. I can’t remember being asked to join the E.U. either,now let us have the Vote cameron,and let us have Democracy back in the U.K.,then,and only then,we can start to Rid the Country of these UNWANTED MUZZIE SCUM.!!

  2. 80%, now that is a most encouaging step toward the restoration of sanity, national sovereignity, and govenment for the people, instead of government for the Brussels technocrats.

    Now if we Americans can have our referendum this November (or sooner, wink wink, nudge nudge) to get the Kenyan removed from the People’s House to Ft. Leavenworth Kan. All will be closer to right in the world!

  3. Interesting comments section over at the Express article. The government paid trolls really stand out as ridiculous now, longwinded tactics attempting to cloud the issue, laced with insults against us plebbish oiks that want out. Very posh-boi cameron, what a ruddy skunk.

  4. I think i heard him say something along the lines of,…”no they don’t,we must keep on the same Path”,or words to that effect,just like Thatcher,he won’t listen to the People,well it’s going to cost him his Job……”GOOD”!!!!!

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