Iranian man with a diaper on his head tells the world who is, and who is not, a ‘passive homosexual’

Buddy, I think its a good few years past time you changed that head-diaper. Maybe try some disinfectant.

By the way, the best laugh is at 2:00 in. That is some hadith you got there, Mohamed.

H/T Hermes

(You may need to use some form of disinfectant soap after you watch this to scrub the I-Slime off)

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18 Replies to “Iranian man with a diaper on his head tells the world who is, and who is not, a ‘passive homosexual’”

  1. This is what passes for an educated intellectual in the Moslem world.

    I really needed the laughs this gave me.

  2. Either the diaper is too small and it presses the brain of the poor fellow or it is too big and it is full of shiite. This is a very abominable interpretation.

  3. Note well, he said nothing whatsoever about the homosexual who does the penetrating. Perhaps he did so elsewhere and it’s not seen in this video…but I have a sneaking suspicion he did not.

  4. I can’t believe that this is meant to be taken seriously. Why was no one laughing at him?
    Oh, yeah, I forgot, Muslims are not allowed to laugh are they? How anyone can fall for this crap in the Twenty-first Century beggars belief. I now know that devout Muslims are mentally ill. Shia or Sunni, they are both demented. The non-Muslim World really needs to wake up and quarantine this illness once and for all.

  5. LOL …..

    You gotta love that devil anal-probe theory.

    Looks like he got it all under control, even the correct hand and finger position 🙂

  6. A Muslim is, by very definition, a passive homosexual. In hell, he will be sodomized by Allah for all eternity. The proof for this is the civil war in Syria. Islam clearly teaches a non-Muslim is allowed to sodomize a Muslim men. The Muslim is not allowed to retaliate, as the Muslim lust for retaliation aggravates the civil war in Syria. A non-Muslim who retaliates, ameliorates the civil war in Syria. The civil war in Syria is the moral yardstick for all moral evaluations. Only if we understand the civil war in Syria is the worst thing to happen to this world ever, in all times, do we understand that the Muslim will burn in the deepest of hells. The civil war in Syria is far worse than World War I, World War II, and the Cold War.

  7. gorgo if my understanding of the culture is right the one doing the penetrating is not considered a homo, only the one being penetrated is and he is the only one sinning. Weird religion and weird beliefs.

  8. Only liberals and lunatics listen to this stuff. If this wasn’t for the PC multiculture people he would be in a psychiatric hospital for delusions. I am serious , the west have given these islamists the green card just to make this shit up and pass it off as religious insights. Islam equals sex and killing. Always comes back to these two things. F ing animals.

  9. I should point out that in Australia the Liberal Party are the conservatives and stand for freedom of the individual – by that I mean free from big brother commy, nazi or muzi religious control. The Labor Party and the Greens lean a long way to the side of big brother and over-the-top PCness…

    Anyway I thought the anal probe was something the aliens only did to Eric Cartmen on South Park? That muzi whacker (closet queen) was hilarious though. Could find himself a characture on South Park one day perhaps:))))

  10. How can you make a caricature out of that guy? How could you possibly exaggerate him? He, like most religious muslims, are already such extremes that they nearly defy lampooning, although certainly not contempt. Imagine if, 20 years ago, I told you that 20 years from now, bearded men in sandals and bathrobes would be walking the streets in huge numbers advocating slavery, forced marriage, genital mutilation, genocide of Jews, and near constant albeit clumsy attempts at mass killing in the name of religion and that the left would be supporting them, encouraging them, using tax dollars to support the spread of them and calling anyone who opposed them racist.

    South Park really does need to do this. I can’t imagine how though.

    I do think that is the best social commentary on TV for what its worth.

  11. As far as the characture goes Eeeyore he would not require any exaggeration:) I do take your point though that things do look grim overseas, particularly in Europe. Here is Oz people are more aware generally and the backlash against illegal immigrants in particular is going to demolish the Labor Government in next year’s elctions with an all-time record defeat according to current polling. It was the Liberal Party who sent Aussie troops in to free East Timor in ’99 and then into Afghanistan and Iraq and who had virtually stopped the people smuggling boats. My local Liberal Senator is Gary Humphries, the switched on bloke who introduced the muslim immigration freeze bill to Parliament last year. Maybe in 20 years though Australia and New Zealand may be the only decent places to live….

  12. Richard says:
    June 8, 2012 at 8:32 pm

    gorgo if my understanding of the culture is right the one doing the penetrating is not considered a homo, only the one being penetrated is and he is the only one sinning. Weird religion and weird beliefs.

    * * *

    True, and at the same time – despite what this guy preached – passive homosexuals are very much tolerated by even strict Muslims as long as they (the passive, effeminate type) keep a very low profile.

    This is why so many Leftist homosexuals apparently have no problem with Islam…they’re already submissive to authoritarianism (the Left), and to them Islam is just another authority to submit to…so they actually look forward to frequent penetrations under the Caliphate.

  13. how can any decent person believe eating shit and getting shit on your cock is a good thing? people are so brainwashed these days. american homo-activist michael bronski said back in the 80’s , we will sodomise your sons in the locker rooms, seduce them in the showers (or similar) . now 25 years later this is exactly what has happened. millions of young boys and men seduced and sodomised into the “gay” lifestyle with all its diseases. licking mens assholes, how horrible.

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