Egypt: Islamist Politician denies he was nabbed having sex in car


Cairo, 8 June (AKI) – A member of the Egyptian parliament from the conservative Salafist Al Nour party has denied reports he was caught by police having sex in a car with a 19 -year-old student.

The Al-Ahram Arabic news website and other online news organisation said Ali Wanis on Thursday was spotted by police ”engaging in an indecent act with a 19-year-old college student.”

He issued a statement on Friday denying the reports, accusing a police officer of fabricating the incident.

He said the accusation was part of a blackmail campaign aimed at smearing his reputation and the image of the Islamist political current.

The reports said Ali Wanis was able to avoid arrest because of immunity granted to politicians.

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5 Replies to “Egypt: Islamist Politician denies he was nabbed having sex in car”

  1. He lies. In Islam, a Muslim man cannot have sex with non-Muslim women, a non-Muslim man can have sex with a Muslim woman. The proof of this is the civil war in Syria. The Koran clearly teaches a non-Muslim can do anything to a Muslim, the Muslim is not allowed to defend himself on pain of eternal damnation. Everytime a Muslim retaliates, he aggravates the civil war in Syria. Verily, there is death for a Muslim in retaliation, as is proven by the civil war in Syria. If the Muslim does not take heed, more civil wars will erupt in the Muslim world.

  2. Hey wait a Minute……who said it was a Female Student,??..if it was’nt he’d be REALLY embarrassed if it was’nt,or maybe like a lot of them they they are “Closset”.

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