Forced marriage: 120 cases a month this year as David Cameron outlaws ‘virtual slavery’

The Telegraph:

 Almost 600 people have come forward in the past five months to raise the alarm over fears they are about to be forced to marry against their will, it emerged last night as David Cameron unveiled plans to make it a crime.

Forced marriage: 120 cases a month this year as David Cameron outlaws ‘virtual slavery’

Forced marriage: 120 cases a month this year as David Cameron outlaws ‘virtual slavery’ Photo: ALAMY

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6:00AM BST 08 Jun 2012

The Home Office released details of the caseload of the Government’s dedicated Forced Marriage Unit showing that it has been handling around 120 cases a month.

The figures suggest a rise in the number children under threat of forced marriage, with 14 per cent of those dealt with aged under 15, compared with 10 per cent last year.

There was also a handful of homosexual people fearing they are being forced into a marriage and 25 of those who came forward were disabled, some severely.

But the figures are thought to be the tip of the iceberg with some estimates suggesting the real instance of forced marriage could be up to five times that amount.

Mr Cameron and Theresa May, the Home Secretary, are announcing plans to make forced marriage a crime today after rejecting claims that banning the practice would simply drive it underground.

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7 Replies to “Forced marriage: 120 cases a month this year as David Cameron outlaws ‘virtual slavery’”

  1. As human being we all have a right to freedom and choose our own happiness. This government needs to mind its own business. Whether we agree with arranged marriages or not, it is a part of other countries culture. Arranged marriages can certainly be a good thing. It means two people even if they are ugly, have a chance of marriage and love. Under western culture they would die old and lonely which is hardly fair. Concentrate on British problems Cameron and stop wasting time on others. You are missing the difference between arranged marriages and forced marriages, two completely different things. With an arranged marriage the family introduces the couple as they think they would be suitable but there is no force, the couple can say no! Islam forbids forced marriges – infact it is not considered a real maggige but I know Muslims who have forced their children into marriges they did not want – so I really dont think this will make any difference. Forced and arranged marraiges are wrong – and how did the royal family get to be where they are now? Through arranged and forced marraiges throughout the ages, funny how things go full circle.

    The tragedy of forced marriage and honour killing could have been avoided if the poor girls were educated in a single sex state funded Muslim schools by female Muslim teachers. The tragedies are an eye opener for all those Muslim parents who send their children to state schools where they are exposed to non-Muslim teachers who have no respect for Islamic faith and Muslim community and do not understand the needs and demands of the Muslim children. Muslim children need state funded Muslim schools with Muslim teachers as role models during their developmental periods. Muslim schools are the solutions and not a problem. They protect Muslim children from the onslaught of Eurocentricism, homosexuality, racism and secular values and traditions. There are hundreds of state and churcch schools where Muslim children are in majority. All such schools may be opted out as Muslim Academies. This demand is in accordance with the law of the land.

  2. Iftikhar’s level of dishonesty always finds ways of going up.

    How he can defend forced marriage under the guise of right to freedom of happiness, well of course to him, women aren’t people so it makes perfect sense.

    He also attempts to change the term from forced marriage to arranged marriages, which of course was never an issue as they are voluntary (to varying degrees, there is vicious debate on this one due to the relationship between social pressure etc.) in any case, his level of dishonesty is quite staggering.

  3. The Muslim value of lying against unbelievers makes solving the civil war in Syria impossible. Islamic sources are so ambiguous, it is impossible to proof which side is right, the Sunni’s, or the Shi’ites. Traditionally, Muslims solved these religious disputes with deception and violence. But Iran and Saudi-Arabia are equally powerful. The only way an apocalypse can be avoided, is when Iran and Saudi-Arabia give their daughters to each other. This builds trust.

  4. I wonder how many of those marriages would happen if they were not forced, er, arranged. Life is a little tougher when you actually have to try to be liked. Muslims are not man enough for that.

  5. Add this together to the other posts and it looks like some of the Brit Government is waking up to the dangers.

  6. @Eeyore, On that point, Iftikhar never fails to deliver. I think he looks at it as progressively marching forward to implement a 7th Century vision.

    Yes, I know, an oxymoron.

  7. The uk govt isn’t waking up. It won’t until it thinks it will not get elected. They don’t care about people in the uk or even democracy. They sold the UK to people like I A. I think there is a chance to pull out of this multiculture hell but it is bu replacing the political class with a true party of democracy and liberty. THEN we can help I A get his pound of flesh and send him and all liberals back home to an islamic hell hole they or their parents came from. IA we are not buying your crap here.

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