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3 Replies to “Two stories on beating of people by the Greek Golden Dawn, National socialist party”

  1. The actions sounds more like Storm Troopers rather then vigilantes, although it is probably hopeless to expect people educated in the PC schools to know the difference.

    Vigilantes are looking for criminals because the organized law enforcement has broken down.

    Storm Troopers are looking for people who disagree with them to shut them up.

    The woman and the two men in the second video need to watch out, they opposed a Nazi and he will want revenge and to leave a message to warn others not to oppose him and his party.

  2. found it on another site:

    Dourou said there was a “crisis of democracy when people who will take the country back (after?) 500 years have got into the Greek parliament.” Kasidiaris bounded out of his seat and hurled a glass of water at her, shouting an insult loosely translated as “you circus act.”

    I am not sure what she means by that the Ottoman Empire ruled most of Greece back then. My guess is she was trying to provoke him both not liking the Ottoman Empire.

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