Somali workers walk out of Minnesota bakery in protest of new dress code


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Published June 07, 2012somaliWomen.jpg

Somali employees walked out of a bakery plant after refusing new dress code implemented after accident. (

More than 30 Somali employees at a bakery walked out in protest Monday after the owner ordered female workers to wear mid-calf skirts after a woman’s long dress recently got caught in a boot washer, reported.

Mike Knowles, the owner of Dianne’s Fine Desserts, told the Faribault Daily News that the new guidelines were installed for safety concerns. Somali workers, however, call the new rules an attack on their Muslim religion.

The women reportedly showed up to work in their full-length attire and were given the option to adjust their skirts or leave. About a dozen women left and they were joined by 20 men who say the dress code goes against teachings in the Koran.

The boot washer is a sanitation device that cleans footwear before workers enter the plant. The Somali women said they’d be willing to pull up their skirts during the brief process. Knowles says the safety issue was addressed and the company made a reasonable accommodation.

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  1. Kinda difficult to make your own way in a modern world when you insist on living as if it were 2000 years ago.

    Diversity and multiculturalism is a great fantasy but the reality is that if we import the people and attitudes from primitive cultures it’s not a given that they will become us.

    Maybe some day Canada’s culture will sink to the level of Somalia’s.

  2. Dallas look at what is happening in Europe, if we don’t work real hard that is what is coming to the US and Canada, and the violence and intolerance is going to get worse. We have been building towards a major war ever since the USSR fell apart and the left decided the US didn’t need a large military. The only times the US gets into major wars is when we are real weak, and Obama has weakened the US military more in 3 1/2 years then the Clintons did in 8.

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