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3 Replies to “OK. Exactly how is this not commie?”

  1. Spanking should be the last resort in disciplining children, however there are times where this is the only thing that will get through to the kid.

    Having said the above the idea that the parents have a right and duty to discipline their children is foreign to the Marxist community, under their religion/philosophy the children belong to the state and not the parents. I have read about some of the far left saying and pushing for laws to take children away from their parents at birth and placing them in government facilities where they can be raised to be productive members of a Marxist state.

    The second half is as sickening as the first, how anyone can claim that this wasn’t done by a tyrannical government and police force is beyond me, however given the current PC culture I am sure it is happening.

  2. Sorry to say but this might be a real case of Islamophobia

    He looks like a Muslim but there is no evidence of it that I can find. His kid was drawing pictures of mass death in the school.

    No matter how you look at it the schools are very afraid of another mass school shooting. I don’t blame them for that. We import mass killers and expect everything to stay the same as it was.

  3. So you can’t spank a child and the man can’t be the head of the household because in Leftist eyes this is wrong.
    So by their own reckoning the Lefties should be constantly vigilant when it comes to dealing with Muslim households where child abuse is rampant and the man is definitely head of the household, shouldn’t they? No, not at all!
    The Leftist legacy is confused, hypocritical and not fit for modern society. We hear of Socialist workers going to extreme lengths to prosecute fathers who give their children mild spankings or fathers whose children make crayon drawings at school, yet when it comes to real abuse, such as Muslim pedo gangs grooming children for sex, they’ll turn a blind eye to stuff like this for years!
    Leftist policies don’t work and Leftist authorities are not fit to govern. They are incompetent, unrealistic and incapable of making rational decisions. No wonder that they ally themselves with other irrational, unrealistic and incompetent ideologies such as Islam.
    Birds of a feather, flock together!

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