US Embassy office in eastern Libya comes under attack

From FOX:

TRIPOLI, Libya –  Attackers set off a bomb next to a wall of the U.S. Consulate in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi Wednesday, the State Department said, causing no casualties.

The blast underlined the unstable security situation in Libya, more than seven months after the death of deposed dictator Muammar Qaddafi.

It came two weeks before the country is scheduled to hold its first post-Qaddafi national elections.

In a brief comment, the State Department said that there were no injuries or claim of responsibility. It said the bomb “exploded at a perimeter wall.”

Libya’s news agency, LANA, quoted a security official as saying the bomb was probably locally made.

Violence and disorder has plagued Libya since Qaddafi was captured and killed last October after an eight-month civil war.

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5 Replies to “US Embassy office in eastern Libya comes under attack”

  1. As long as we remain human we will have to fight to maintain our freedom and preserve our culture. This means we have to learn who our friends are and who are enemies are, what we can do and what we can’t do, and we can’t reform Islam, only the Moslems can do this and they won’t. For this reason we have to expect the Moslems to attack us every time they get a chance.

  2. Islam can easily be changed by fatwa’s and naskh, but the Muslim likes his violence. It would be very easy for a strong Muslim man to force the Muslim cleric to make fatwa’s that suit him. Do you want to have sex with the daughter of another Muslim man? Beat up the cleric and it will be halal.

  3. The Muslim is a coward who covers his face. The Leftist is a coward who covers his face. By covering his face, the Anti-Fascist forces the “Fascist” to attack all Leftists, not just the Anti-Fascist. The Anti-Fascist is a hypocrite when he whines about “Fascist” violence against the Left. He causes it himself. If the Anti-Fascist wants to stop “Fascism”, he should stop covering his face, and sacrifice himself. As long as he covers his face, he will be under a spiritual curse, and he will burn eternally in hell. The Anti-Fascist world order is unraveling in Syria. The Anti-Fascist will be castrated, and his girlfriend, who worships him for his violence, will be the lawful sexual property of the “Fascist”, whether she is White or non-White. The only reason the Anti-Fascist can be violent with impunity, is because the Government protects him. His girlfriend is, at present, the sexual property of the Government. The Anti-Fascist only borrows her for his use as reward for his services to the Government. She will be taken from him, as the Government destroys itself. The Governments in the West are connected to a spiritual and political system that breaks down in Syria. They chose to ally themselves to Islam, but Islam is a self-destructive system of endless lies and vengeance.

  4. I disagree on the ease of change, it is possible but it would take a long time and would also require a major change in the Arabic culture the Moslems force on all converts.

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