French MP Accosted While Campaigning: “This Land Belongs to the Muslims. You Have No Place Here”

Islam Vs. Europe:

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16:25 | Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe

While doing an election campaign walkabout in Sartrouville (in the outskirts of Paris) accompanied by the area’s deputy mayor, Jacques Myard, a member of the French parliament who represents the mainstream conservative UMP, was aggressively accosted by a djellaba-wearing Muslim on a scooter.

You’ve got no place here. This is Arab land. This land belongs to the Muslims. It’s not French soil. You are racists, Zionists. You need to leave!

The MP attempted to continue walking around, talking to the local people and shaking their hands. As he did, the Muslim addressed them:

Don’t shake his hand. He votes for laws against the Arabs. If you shake his hand, I’ll come and burn you.

This was a reference to the MP’s vote for the burka ban. Myard described what followed on his website:

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16 Replies to “French MP Accosted While Campaigning: “This Land Belongs to the Muslims. You Have No Place Here””

  1. The normal political process is broken. Only spiritual forces are strong enough to break the occult power of Islam. If you sexually desire an Algerian woman, you are fornicating in the spirit with her. This will give you virility and magickal powers. Iblis knows and approves of this, as he is the father of sorcery. Celibacy is the right of the sorcerer. Only Iblis can give you the power to stay chaste. If you try celibacy without Iblis, you will become a pedophile, as is proven by the Catholic Church. If the French man converts to Iblis, the Algerian woman will become his harem slave. Allah promises pussy, Iblis promises more and better pussy. Everybody can become believer in Iblis by saying:”Four wives is not enough”. The proof of the truth of my religion is the civil war in Syria. The habitual lying of the Muslim makes trust impossible, and makes it impossible to reach an agreement between warring factions of Muslims. The more a Muslim lies, the more he will sink into the tar sand of Syria.

  2. @ Columnist – neither Catholic priests nor celibate adults have a corner on pedophilia. Just one more dig at the Church, ignoring the vast majority of Catholics who ate contributing to the good though their organization. What do you suggest might be a good replacement once we hav naively thrown it and its moral code away? The all-encompassing wisdom and steady moral compass of the religion of secular humanism perhaps?

  3. Secular humanism is even worse than Roman Catholicism. Despite all its faults, the Roman Catholic Church is a moral light. It fights abortion, but sadly doesn’t declare that abortion is worse than the Holocaust. Only when the false religion of the Holocaust is broken, the spiritual poison of political correctness can be overcome.

  4. @ “Columnist”

    Please make it clear if you are posting seriously or this is some sort of sarcastic parody. Right now you’re coming across like a demented drug addict. If you don’t bother to clarify your position , I shall in future err on the side of caution and take you to be 100 % serious and 100% deranged. Thank You.

  5. I hope this incident was reported all across France, but an afraid that their press will bury it like the US press would.

  6. @Columnist

    What group of occultists are you a member of? (Thelema, Keki, Satanism, OOZ), or are you a freelancer? Anyway – just ** off – we have enough problems trying to understand our little corner of the world, without some egowizard: pretending he knows the truth.

  7. I believe “Columnist” is exactly what he/she says he is a columnist.

    He is trying to get someone to say something stupid and report it.
    He hasn’t learned what a lot of columnists do now a days. Post something stupid before it is deleted by the site operator and report it as though we are all nuts.

    You know their motto:
    “A good reporter doesn’t get great stories — a good reporter ‘makes’ them great”

    The word ‘makes’ has taken on a new meaning

  8. I am a freelancer. I am a good friend of a woman who is totally disappointed in the Church of Satan. At my website you can find her website. I use religious language, but it can be easily translated in secular terms. Muslims are violent and lie all the time. Their lying destroys trust, which in turn makes the civil war in Syria impossible to end. It is self-evident that their violence and vindictiveness makes the civil war in Syria escalate further and further. There is no way the Muslims can escape this morass except by giving up their moral and spiritual values.

  9. Hmm Maybe. I assumed that this person was using these posts as rhetorical devices, attempting to illustrate Western media hypocrisy when it comes to dealing with Islam Vs. every other kind of thing where they would normally be highly condemnatory. It could be as you say. Sort of entrapment posts. But ‘Columnist’ reminds me of someone who used to post here a lot who went by Arab-conquored-Persian except he changed his nick constantly to more and more offensive ones to try and illustrate certain points. Sometimes brilliant, often less so.

    Hard to say in this case although I have seen a sort of evolution from mild rhetorical devices to getting harder to decipher as such as we see here.

  10. Columnist:

    I have to agree with your assessment above. War between Muslims typically must escalate as the ethical/moral system Islam instills basically offers no way out of conflict short of all out war. After all, when your god commands you to fight for him as the highest possible ideal, when do you know you have won a conflict and stop? you can only know when you have lost. And losing is unthinkable given the terms set by Islamic winners even if you are Muslim yourself. (Think Shiia-Sunni wars)

    So I agree with that assessment above short of the church of Satan stuff. After all, you have to be a devout Catholic before you can buy in to that pantheon of which Satan is a prime figure. I suppose Islam also has a pantheon as ‘Iblis’ is frequently used as a god of evil there as well.

  11. And that is why the military humiliation in Palestine is so infuriating to Muslims. Israel has nukes, Israel has planes, Israel has submarines. It cannot be defeated militarily. Only by striking at the religious and moral values of Israel you could have a chance. But Islam strictly forbids the study of mindweapons or mental viruses, as this could lead to a dismemberment of the Muslim mental virus. The study of mental viruses or mindweapons is known in the West as sorcery, and in the Muslim world as si7r.

  12. All Muslim women say they wear the headscarf voluntarily. But many are forced to lie. All this worship of force and lies makes the civil war in Syria unsolvable. The bleeding to death of Islam is the direct moral consequence of forcing women to wear headscarves, and forcing them to lie about it.

  13. I would like to retract what i said in my last post.

    I read his ‘Columns’ I was mistaken about him. *Rolls eyes*

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