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3 Replies to “Canadian official on tracking home-grown terror”

  1. meanwhile, while he gathers dozens of academics who have no perceptions what so ever of what is going on in the ‘real’ world,
    all the continued immigration of people with values that oppose the very basic fabric of democracy, rule of law, and the infrastructure that we have all worked decades to build, those who would destroy this in a heartbeat, are welcomed into this country to join large groups already here, who have never integrated fully, or if they have integrated, only on the surface,
    and who acknowledge and accept terroist acts as a viable solution to their issues
    such as Sikhs, many of whom are integrated, but teach their young, of the history of the archiac fueds between them and the hindus, and believe this to be justified, to the extreme of blowing up planes in their cause….
    as recently, a bank administrator discussed with me, during the process of several months, and a couple of visits, while I cashed in some RIF, me being very open and getting her to talk about all this….What a sick joke
    If I can get all this in a couple of visits, in this type of senerio, why the hell can;’t proper interview be done when interviewing prospectvie candidates to enter this country….
    The concept of this research is great, but I really am skeptical, having spent many years in the graduate circles….but we’ll see, and hopefully they come up with the same awareness as is really the situation…..values imparted through parenting, religion, and especially, those extremist religions of the two main ones, never to mention….those who still believe in solving problems through violence…
    Or, maybe if they gather up several lefttard researchers, they will come up with some recommendations like, be more tolerant….yep that one is working well

  2. Morticiaa makes a very valid point, but what I found most chilling is how trends among Jihadi’s will help identify other so-called terrorists, like the ones who ‘resist our immigration policies’. Once again, the government and the leftists are fear-mongering to impose yet more oppression.

  3. It was said many times by common sense Canadian. There must be a complete stop of all immigration from middle east Muslim countries until our immigration policies are cleaned up and homegrown terrorism is thoroughly investigate and gotten under our national security authorities’ control. We all know that this particular culture (Islam) is incompatible with our democracy and we must, first and foremost, preserve our way of life.

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