Ezra Levant: One hour special on the return of Omar Khadr.

Sdmatt2a was prescient enough to grab this important show which Ezra did last week, and for some reason, was not rebroadcast that same night at 10:00 as all his other shows usually are. So I am really glad that Sdamatt2a was able to get this one. I haven’t even seen it yet but I had many emails and phone calls telling me to make sure I do.

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  1. In Syria, Allah is cut in two. Allah cannot rise from the dead, because then, he would be Jesus. If the Muslim believes Islam can be resurrected, he has to admit Jesus Christ could be resurrected. The Muslim will have to choose between Christianity and my religion. Only two religions could save the Middle-East from self-destruction. The same applies to the Jew. If he admits the Jewish people can overcome the Holocaust, and can prosper again, he admits Jesus can rise from the grave. It is inevitable. The Jew has to choose between Christianity, or my religion. God exists, and Hell is eternal.

  2. @ “Columnist” More “religious” ranting, it’s already getting tiresome. What exactly is YOUR religion? Just answer that question in ONE word please.

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